Sunday, 16 February 2014

Older and wiser? No sex please, we're making love!

An 'article' in the Telegraph (I wanted a comment on the EU coercions upon the Scottish Referendum - but they are also biased or told what to allow comment and what not to).
But this was a click bait on "Sex, older women love having it. Shock Horror (sic)" - oh I missed out 4 exclamation marks!!!!

If some want to use talking about sex as an attention grab, I can use the occasion to share something that you are of course entirely free to disregard and which makes no claim on your attention beyond you ongoing willingness.

Sex is a reductionist term. Whilst having legal usage regarding the physical act, any conceptual framework expresses a point of view.
Science doesn't make love - and nor does consumerism - that 'getting' mentality which seeks to possess as if to regain or reconnect. And that leads me into suggesting that older people are more connected in themselves and with their feelings and so are more able to extend or share that connection.
There are stimulations on all chakras or energetic levels and one can disappear into fantasies of one's personal associations while NOT actually embracing either yourself or the one you are with - but love - as they say - transforms everything.
the difference between love and desire is that one is already making love just by sharing life and so sexual and physical communications are simply an undefendedness to such love - and it doesn't 'end' when you come, if you come - or care about coming, Life given welcome and shared.
Desire, outside this context, is self-concerned with its own appetite and though it may seek and find consensual partner to each engage in fantasy 'together', the fantasy is a come and go affair, and often or perhaps inevitable brings complications that tend to call forth clinging on or backing off.

One thing about making love - I mean really making Love - is that it is 'paradisical'. It has a truly Heavenly intimacy of knowing and being known at the core of one's being. And yet one cant add this to oneself or one's relationship as any kind of self-specialness (without losing what one has) - for it is utterly obvious in love that love is no less the truth of all.

Why ARE we (generally speaking) so afraid and defended against intimacy - and so in effect running away from ourselves?  I don't ask because I do not know - but as an invitation to anyone reading to pause and ponder. Part of the glory of life is that we each are uncovering more of what we are, by our own choices and our own willingness to listen or discern what we truly value in ourselves - and therefore extend to others; appropriately within our current sense of integrity. That, is how we grow it.

Comment on original page: (By plainlyspeaking)

I could swear this was written in something vaguely resembling English. Doesn't make any sense though.

Reply to plainlyspeaking:

It made enough sense for you to bother posting an invalidating reposte!

Like lovemaking, if one rushes toward climax as an urge of compulsion, one only skims the surface to empty oneself upon the altar of a fantasy.

R e l a t i o n s h i p
is first within oneself - and then automatically shares with who you are with.

The thing is - that the intent to get something from another, hides from relationship and merely uses others to validate itself. It can be disguised in its pattern because people can agree to join in complex ways that seem intimate yet absolutely maintain privacy and separation from each other. Each in their own fantasy.

To the 'fulfilment' of such a contract, love makes no sense whatsoever - and is heretical, ridiculous, disgusting and abhorrent. The real taboo is intimacy of being, because, in a sense, you disappear in true intimacy. You lose your capacity to separate your mind from Life Itself.

Thanks for the touch.

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