Wednesday, 5 June 2013


From Protests Can't Be Called A 'Turkish Spring'
While the recent protests in Turkey have been a blow to the PM, they can't be compared to the Arab uprising.

The headline is not altogether true. The form of the symptoms and their background is not itself the disease and the movement that would shake off the disease is simply the desire to live rather than mere existence.

The movement for life is usually subverted and directed into one or another form of manipulation for the sake of the few at the expense of the many - for such is the dominant mental or cultural model for consciousness - whether secular or notionally religious.

So while there are different patterns of symptom and of control and manipulation, the 'spring' idea symbolizes an awakening that does not know what it is in terms of being organized or politicized - but it knows the smell of a rat - so to speak and wants to be free of it.

Everyone has their own agenda riding along with this and it is clear that there is no New Ideology  - at the level of manipulation via symbols and rationalizations.

Usually the genie is pushed back into the bottle. Often shifts occur from the process, that serve as incremental awakening moments in a larger process than individual lifetimes.

But the issues of Life (deliberately capitalized to indicate the quality of truly shared being) and of control are coming to a head all around the globe in ways that can no longer be contained.

Now maybe it is as the controllers would believe - headed for disaster. But those who have a feeling to live out from a different sense will discern where the blind can only think from the past they made in fear.

The chaos looks very different when we embrace our Life in its Now - and indeed embrace those who have not yet accepted their own life and seek to manage a mere existence under a tyranny of fear - whether dressed secular or religious.

So the business that feeds conflict by focusing on it in order to excite and entertain or present a mask of wise and well intentioned concern is in the wrong business.

Cometh the hour, cometh man Kind.

Everyone is part of where the focus is given.

The movement for Life is already intelligent and holds within it what we need as we need it - if we do not interfere. This takes practice. patience is due to those who are learning to let go of old habits.

It seemed that Spring came late to Britain this year - but it came. When the conditions of the light and the tilt toward the light ARE Spring - there is no stopping it

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