Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Faction versus fiction is a tweedledumdrum

Pseudoscience deals in a world of facts. There is a sense of solidity and dependability and security in facts. You know who you are in a world of facts!

But the nature of existence is not schematized into a tidy construct of facts. It is a vortex of flux - and it is being you no less than all else.

The attempt to take the personal consciousness out from reality, so as to have the facts without the fiction, underlies such pseudoscience as to render it meaningless, because Consciousness Itself is the Always Fact to every instant of anything defined, apprehended, measured or evaluated. It is not only the 'elephant in the room' it IS the room - and the game of pretending it only has subjective existence as given it by the facts that are determined about the room.

Is this or that healthy or unhealthy? It depends.
The context in which something arises is part and parcel of its arising and THAT is what it depends on.

There is no one-size-fits-all reality. The faction versus fiction is a tweedledundrum. The multidimensional nature of reality is not coercive upon us - but if we do not align with our true calling or joy in life we will betray ourselves to a sense of deprivation and conflict - some of which will manifest in some of us as health issues, relational, financial, or as dysfunction and mis-alignment and thus breakdown of communication and trust in every arena of living.

The 'patient' is not served by compounding his or her self-convictions, but by sharing a compassionate presence in which choices that are actively dis-integrative to wellbeing can be owned and changed.

The pseudoscientifically constrained are noticably hateful of anything that reeks of love - and which must be heretical and which, above all else, is it their mission, their duty and their vindication to destroy.

You see, the pseudoscientifically disposed, have a problem with love that is nothing to do with science - which seeks to uncover truth - and everything to do with hidden self-agendas that are tacitly reinforced by using scientific method in such a way as to only seek and find the validations of their own presumptions. Namely, that reality is a material physical phenomena in which consciousness is an anomaly of chemicals and electricity, albeit a brief moment in which by some anomaly, life is aware of itself.

What we call consciousness is in some sense a mastery of limitation whereby conditions seem to 'matter' and our state of being is mere effect. This is a reversal. Your state of being is what materializes your selection of reality as your experience regardless of the circumstance.

"Take up thy bed and walk!" is symbolic to the recognition of your existence, from the perspective of existence - free of the definition whereby you identified with the changing, as if it were fixed, or fixable.

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