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Heal Thy Self - healthy self

Eat butter and cheese not low-fat spreads, says heart specialist

Aseem Malhotra says saturated fat is not a problem, low-fat products are often full of sugar and statins are over-prescribed

The medical racket is a kind of 'insider dealing' for there are private agendas of self interest that work against the well being of the whole.
The scope and scale of it is unimaginable to the ordinary hobbit that lives in its Shire and knows little and cares less to know more.

But what is underneath even the tacit conspiracies of profiteering and manipulating the perceptions and beliefs of others who 'give their power away' in the belief it makes them free or safe, are personal and cultural definitions of self, other and world which bind us into negative self belief. Vicious circles of self harm that seem to be caused and justified by external or past conditions. Yet such causation is attempt to displace a sense of 'something fundamentally wrong with oneself. Something invalid, lacking, worthless, inadequate, or even hateful and toxic.

The dissonance of being out of alignment with our being is not a surface condition that can be manipulated away - and yet every kind of such attempt is invested in and then we become hostage to our investments.

Some recognition of what I offer can resonate with a realisation that responsibility; 1. Is not blame in any way shape or form. 2. Is inescapable. 3. Is the ability to respond rather than react - and is therefore innate to our foundation as conscious existence.

In order to respond, one has to first be receptive - which is undefended - to What Is - without first judging or interpreting into terms that express and protect a negatively defined sense of self. This calls for a focus of honesty, willingness and curiosity amidst the enactment of hitherto unconscious choices and is not compatible with laziness of mind that masks and normalized being so much less than you are in some misplaced identity in reaction.

But it is simply true that to value yourself by acting out from your highest sense of your joy, your passion - with integrity - radiates health.

In the process 'toxic sludge' or negative belief and emotion, will be loosened from its unconsciousness to be released, lived through, integrated and transformed. Everyone has their own unique versions of whatever 'conditions' arise as everyone has their unique viewpoint within existence. Attempts to externalize and rationalize existence at the expense of owning and integrating our own experience, are simply 'running away from Life'. But 'wherever you go, there you are!' Existence does not go out of existence. But the forms of its reflection are ever changing.

One cannot 'save' oneself from transformational change but by wholeheartedly embracing 'What Is', one can share the changeless; That you Are, and existence Is - and always now. That what we put out, we get back. Radiating presence is not something we 'do' so much as something Life naturally Is - when we do not block or withhold our nature in guilt and fear. Living out from fear makes a currency of miser-y and deprivation.

No one else can choose for you. Nor can we choose for another. But in living our choice we resonate with others who are also waking up. The 'crazy' ones are in fact opening to sanity, and the breakdown of the structure of control is a symptom of rising health - the instant we accept ourselves guiltless.

It  may seem that the 'bad guys' have the power to control and manipulate all things to be subject to their own terms of 'solution'. But this is only in tandem with a demand for unconsciousness in the terms the mass of individuals give value to.

A managed, processed existence within which a 'virtual world' plays out in a surface life that does not really wake to know and share the love and beauty and wonder of existence - as a participance in which we are transformed by the renewing of our perspective.

One does not have to 'fight' what one has not chosen to validate in one's own belief and desire. But one does have to be living on purpose to maintain a focus in what we do value rather than become sidetracked into focussing on what we do not want.
'Dont look where you do not want to go!. If we choose to re enact old choices then recognizing that opens the way to choose with what we truly are. For we already are worthy of existence or we would not Be.

additional comment:

This song came to mind regarding the attempts to manually manipulate life so as to become a slave and then a victim to a manually manipulated life. Children's wisdom is too deep for the learned.
Here is a longish article that takes a slice through history of medical consciousness on Earth. It is grim reading. It doesn't have to be wholly true to offer a perspective on human consciousness that we do not like to own.
That interventions can be helpful is not worth arguing, but surely it is obvious that the 'life-style' that corporate technology seeks to protect and maintain past its sell-by date is not merely external factors of diet and exercise - but inner causative aspects of self definition…from which all else proceeds in an infinite expression of variety.
"Go forth and multiply" applies to conception; idea. There isn't any choice in the nature of what Mind is - but only how we use it and what we use it for.
Look at what we use it for - without moral judgement - and find out what we actually are choosing - then ask what would we have to believe true to want to choose thus? And the limiting or negative beliefs and definitions will be revealed. For we ALL automatically choose toward pleasure and against pain - as we define it!
Free will means we can choose even to believe we do not have a choice, but it also means we still have free will regardless of what we currently choose to believe.
What we choose to define and accept as our self will 'go forth' in intention and desire - and deservability, and will be acted out from unquestioned. That is - until our feedback experience of our world causes a pause in which to re evaluate the basis of our choosing.

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