Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Behold the Great Prostitute!

An advertorial on porn in the Telegraph - and its varied comments - invited another opportunity to reflect on some of what is within the idea of porn, association-addiction and manipulations of experience.

One can discern the quality of any civilisation, society or person by the regard in which they hold the feminine. If the power of the receptive is denied, subjugated and overridden by a disconnected assertiveness of 'power' over - then slaves to fear seek to make a slave of Life and believe they are free thereby.

They already have their comeuppance. There is no punishment but what we make-believe ourself and together. But that said, if our make-believe is believed to hurt and hate and kill the truth of our love - then that belief will dissociate us from ourself. This is part of the human conditioning. The split mind does not know its source and is fed and feeds on adapting and exploiting life rather than being and sharing it.

The nature of addiction is similar to that of manipulation - indeed the manipulation of one's experience (one's relations and one's world) for a private experience in place of a truly shared one, is the way one cuts off or 'protects' from an intimacy of being, for the sake of a PRIVATE possession or satisfaction. Mutual private satisfactions pass for relationships in a masquerade.

Such then is defined (by its act) as 'joy' - or indeed protection from pain of boredom, doubt or discomfort. A 'joy 'that is not integrated or unified, but is conflicted, dis-integrating to a segregated sense of a temporary 'hit' of an energetically felt connection that is immediately gone and thus calls for repeating or indeed expanding so as to prolong its dedication and association. The pattern of desire, stress and release becomes a ritual compulsion when choosing to persist in a mechanically joyless act whilst at the same time insisting one is a victim.

Wherever there is a giving away of power, there is no shortage of other 'hungrys' willing to 'take you over' - whether imaginary or corporate, for what you give out sets the value by which you get back.

The world offers many examples of being taken over by ideas, beliefs and definitions of self that are negative or disintegrating. But to affect you, you have to subscribe to them. Joy and truth are in bed together and there is nothing secret or shameful in yielding into a wholly embracing love.

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