Monday, 28 October 2013

The Snowdenball gathers momentum

Spain summons US ambassador.

The dynamics of power are not news to those in the know - but it is news to be in the public domain and is a loss of face to those who maintained some credibility with their respective populations.

Power is wielded by controlling perceptions, by holding information advantages that can either make or break careers, by inducing 'partners' into corruption or reputation shattering complicities and then holding that veiled threat amidst 'preferential' treatment for compliance. Or simply into believing the 'enemy' must at all costs be defeated and secrecy must sacrifice integrity to a negative self appreciation.

Power is wielded by undue and often hidden influence upon the systems of financial governance and regulation, by the dominance of corporate and shadow government hegemony. By the massive dominance in arms both conventional and secret, biological, technological, and neurological - but all of the above share the necessity for fear to be induced and maintained.

Power to control and manipulate does not share. It may create hierarchies of obedience with inducement and penalty - but is does not communicate or share Life. It is blind to Life in its attempt to possess it.

True power shares. true power lies in not using coercion, deceit or force for merely private advantage. Honesty and integrity may be considered naive for the 'real world'. But they are the ONLY basis for any real world, in which a co-operative intent can hold a diversity of creative expression in a shared sense of value. The only unified intent of the power hungry and the power dependent is to remain secret. The addict is in denial - but has trashed the family relations, stolen and squandered the money and given all true power away for a deceit that makes all things hollow - a prodigal wasteland.

So what about our consciousness then? Is the world not a reflection of the way the mind works. Is what we see in the world a reflection of our own conscious involvement? Blaming and hating works to deny this - but that is merely a redistribution device - not a healing. That's the means of self-deception. Accountability is an honest accounting for and not an Inquisition.

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