Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Power grabbing in the dark

A Telegraph article:
The energy market is still mired in mystery
The exchanges in the Commons between representatives of the Big Six energy companies and MPs were hardly enlightening.

A commenter asked; "Could some one here have me enlightened who/what countries exactly own the Big Six?

Your answer would need be more than the next level in the hierarchy : to reveal who is at the top. Power is concentrated in the hands of the powerful.  Nations are not the power or the entity that popular imagination supposes. If freedom is doing what you need to do when you need to do it
then you and I probably have more of it than national governments - who certainly cannot break from the most powerful lobbies without a real groundswell of public suport.

The modern practice of confusion 'packages' and the different faces presented to prospective, actual and migrating customers - speaks of consuming the consumer, does it not?

Business could be a service or product in a marketplace of just dealings and mutual benefit - but it has become a war - or indeed predation upon the population - and designating us as 'consumers' is part of a substitution of a relationship with a mechanism.

Where in all this is government? Where indeed is citizenry?
We are dependent of energy and power to live. The private sector is increasingly operating in a 'free' market - that is a market in which the biggest corporations are free to engage in parasitical practices. But then they are of the same consumptive getting mentality as the general populations - excepting to be higher up the 'food chain'.

Darwin has been grossly misinterpreted. Survival of the fittest is not an individualistic supremacy of control - but a fitting with one's total environment - including each other. Our ills are all emanating from the beliefs and definitions that we found ourselves upon. A negative sense of self cannot and does not 'fit in' but undermines, exploits, manipulates and seeks to control.

To find a more cooperative society demands a cooperative consciousness and this has to dawn on an individual level as preferable to predating on and being predated upon. The consciousness of humanity is split off from awareness of its true power source and therefore fearfully seeking to grab it or build defence against having it grabbed back.

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