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We have been asleep in loveless machinery for a long time and its habit is deeply entrenched

Questioner: This is a fact: animals cannot exist if plants die out so there is an intimate total reliability on the survival of plants - do plants have minds? A simple understandable answer would be good.

# 1

The interrelatedness of all life is what I was referring to as a unified oneness that we are partially un-covering as we release the mentality that presumes to 'lord it' over Life. True existence is not in the terms we define humanly - but in terms you can accept - yes our body doesn't end at our skin but includes the breathing plants - the Living Planet.

These are not just organisms and entities but relationships that we have neglected in our self and with all that lives - as if we exist outside of life and use it as if it were just stuff to exploit.

Information is not merely derived data that is a result of processes of analysis, division and comparisons and sorting. (Which is all good for the level at which it applies). What I might call living information is available as the 'higher' qualities of mind - that is inspiration, intuitive insight, a felt discernment, and a capacity to refocus attention in any whole trust of desire and intent to receive appropriate 'knowing relative to a felt need. Because it is living information, it is one with you in a way that concepts are not - and yet can be felt directly and at a different level. For example when someone really give you their full attention you can feel it as a receptive non judgemental acceptance. You likewise can feel a manipulative or coercive intent that overlooks who you really are in order merely to get something.

We all actually use higher faculties all the time but don't realize it. The 'thinking mind' likes to take credit of achievement or maintain a sense of independent control as part of feeling secure in its sense of reality. Therefore not surprisingly this control sense or demand, has to relax to let a different quality of information in.

You could say we shut out our Higher mind even though we are wholly dependent on it so it works in the background. To let it it into a conscious awareness is to reintegrate the separate self sense with a truly shared Life. One Life is in and through all - this is not just DNA etc - but has an experiential participation and recognition. That is the part that Science has been neglecting. If we 'caught up' with our own discoveries we would know that the material world is an energetic patterning of resonances and communications and not a world of self existing 'things' or entities amidst empty space. Our consciousness is transformational and yet our sense of being apart from life as if to control it is a way of refusing to yield to the movement of our own being - and so there is such dissonance in our experience and world.

The five senses can open to the qualities and energies of Life that are subtler than otherwise available in the release of division and the yielding into wholeness.

One could call it the 'more of you' that your current definition disallow. Curiosity can pause in the middle of anything and ask what it really is - what is really going on here? - but because we are conditioned or programmed to believe we know, we don't pause to ask. There is a kind of 'knowledge that loses innocence - and yet curiosity IS a movement of true innocence.

If you uncover even a spark, you can appreciate it and grow it. Life is not at rest in being denied but would be known. So the stirring of curiosity is also the movement of our being towards wholeness.

Being wholly present in our appreciation is a passion or joy of life expressing through us.

We do not lose individuality - but an integrated individuality operates out as an actually connecting relationship with its relations rather than mentally manipulating a model of its strategic assessment.

The mind can become so identified or conditioned to the way it is looking that it effectively operates 'as if' it is the construct in consciousness that it is looking with and through. In fact we tend to use the term consciousness as both awareness - and as a complex self-construct. Likewise the term "I" can be a direct appreciation of a movement of awareness-event or a construct of definitions and story meanings that serves as an experience of interpretation and investment in outcomes. I would bring mental considerations out of their box and into a curiosity of direct observation. To participate more fully in what it is to be consciously in relationship with Life - as an integral expression of that Life. Self definition can pass off as self-creation - but where does this moment of awareness arise out-from?

Questioner: This is a fact: animals cannot exist if plants die out so there is an intimate total reliability on the survival of plants - do plants have minds? A simple understandable answer would be good.

# 2
Exactly the same as saying the plants are our lungs. Do lungs have minds? Not as we think of mind, yet they are aligned in a unified purpose as part of the whole. Survival is not acquired or added to life - but is part of the way of it for its time. But if a part identifies itself in its OWN separate purpose and seeks to 'survive' at the expense of the whole it is a bit like cancerous growth that follows lawless chaotic patterns. What exactly IS existence? We see other things come and go. Some of them we eat. We seem to let go of our surface consciousness to sleep each evening and rise a new on waking as if the world and all in it is reality and we are somehow in it but not just the same as material stuff - for we are aware. We think that we 'have minds' but the closer you look at it the less can you find one to get hold of.


I see but I feel you have not answered my question: do you recognise the fact that if all plant life ceased to exist then all life including human would also cease to exist? Another simple question: other than the five senses (see, feel, smell, hear, taste) and through which we receive all information do you reckon there is another source we are not aware of and if there is, how do we recognise the information sent by this source. "


There are innumerable 'ifs' that would likewise be no Earth-life if true or effected. What is your specific desire regarding our plant life?

I have said all life is interrelated as a unified whole. You breathe the exhalations of plant life. The support system OF life on Earth is a wholeness and not a linear set of manipulations.

The mentality that thinks it exists alone in time and space sees linear unrelated things and events and seeks to define and control them for ITS perceived specialness and survival. But the mentality is not the true Expression of Life that is You and it results in such a world-picture as is evident.

The breakdown serves the re-awakening of You by the recognition and discarding of the mentality that induces communication breakdown, loss of trust, fear and control, guilt ...and yet more fearful control in layer over layer of complexity.

The mentality must be put aside and NOT USED as a foundation. In this way we 'choose' to let Life in; to be restored from fear to love and to the wholeness of love's perspective. We are not here to 'survive as loveless machinery' we are the capacity to behold and share the Good, the Beautiful and the True.

Take it that we have been asleep in loveless machinery for a long time and its habit is deeply entrenched. At first it is a breakthrough to even open the thought of what I am saying. But it is a thought that shares in the mind and not a thought that sets the mind secret and special and alone. These are the Thoughts that we forget, neglect and deny expression and so the world is starved of healing and abundance.

I cannot be more than a conduit or embodiment of such thought through my willingness - the same as you. For love, truth, wisdom, peace, joy and unity are not the result of a personal wilfulness or control. We really do have to recognize the trap our mind makes and refuse it. But while we think that that IS our self - we seek to avoid such an outcome as if it were a fate worse than death.

therefore I would illuminate the mentality to a willingness to see the ways in which we hurt our self without blame - because blame is always the repackaging of the same mentality in redistributed form and never heals or truly resolves. There is a literal sense in which all Life loves you. You could say this is 'backstage' or beneath the surface of appearances of separateness. It breathes you as an integral thread in a vast tapestry of Life in Expression. We've lost touch with our Source and think we are going it alone and think we make our own source. Nothing could be farther from true - but the belief is deeply cherished though it is also deeply painful.

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