Thursday, 29 August 2013

To one who felt to denigrate and invalidate with opinion rather than engage with what I wrote

I cannot help you with your perceptions but if you see me speaking of myself at the expense of other please alert me. The values I invite by writing are not special to me or about me. If I attempt to articulate matters of the heart I take the risk of being seen in any kind of light by all sorts of people. But I rest in that I am at one with what it is I attempt to say!

And I am fine with not being taken seriously by anyone who feels no resonance or relevance in what I have to share. That is true of anything anyone writes - is it not?

So I don't judge you as you would me and I don't seek to discredit you as you would me. Simply because I find such intent is always undermining of my own sense of worth if I indulge it.

I have not studied philosophy apart from occasional references. I feel for a more experiential participance.

In many ways, our human mind might be considered inherently pretentious in presuming to know anything. It may have to pretend it exists as it defines itself in order to begin knowing anything.

But I feel the spirit or purpose in which we act is the true value of what we do or say - because kindness uses what is to hand as best it may serve.

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