Thursday, 29 August 2013

Conspiracy of self-will, conditioned mind and integrity

The 'conspiracy' that operates is simply self-will. What shares a purpose operates as a unity without having to consciously 'conspire'.

I'm not sure what rejecting science would be. As the search for truth I embrace it. As for restricting the search to the empirically measurable, so as to fit all that I experience within what scientific method can actually be used to address? - I don't accept that.

And I feel that such ideas are in effect a basis for limiting our function to a machine-mentality.

So the control mentality associated with the elite super rich manipulators and their sphere of influence is simply a function of a set of ideas given acceptance and currency in our larger cultural beliefs and communications.

A scientist may seek to uncover an understanding of forces and relationships in particles and processes of chemistry or physics, so why not uncover the apparently hidden currency of ideas that inevitably manifest as a cultural bankruptcy, social disease and global disorder.

Is it that we - in the main - are tacitly 'conspiring' to look out at the world our mind conceives and perceives as reflection of its model of what we are and what the world is.

This denies direct awareness within our mind that would see what we are using it for - as a virtual experience through its apparent persona.

- - -
The mind can become so identified or conditioned to the way it is looking that it effectively operates 'as if' it is the construct in consciousness that it is looking with and through.

In fact we tend to use the term consciousness as both awareness - and as a complex self-construct.

Likewise the term "I" can be a direct appreciation of a movement of awareness-event or a construct of definitions and story meanings that serves as an experience of interpretation and investment in outcomes.

I would bring mental considerations out of their box and into a curiosity of direct observation. To participate more fully in what it is to be consciously in relationship with Life - as an integral expression of that Life.

Self definition can pass off as self-creation - but where does this moment of awareness arise out-from?
- - -

Yes - but it is what we THINK or are induced to think we want and indeed for a surface or fleeting gratification rather than a true fulfilment. Our needs are denied by such distraction. Joy and peace of honouring one's own needs always expresses as a demeanour of kindness. The self-deprived see less charitably.

Indeed our MENTALITY is what must be re-evaluated and observed so as to be changed where it is undermining our wellbeing, and not merely focusing out on persons or issues as if to merely apportion blame is to resolve!

Unless we become transformed in our own mind our words will be powerless. Good ideas are not enough. We must be at peace within our self - or truly expressing willingness to uncover it. Or else our hidden conflicts leak out in all that we do and say and our world reflects them.

All I am saying is that our now become a point of ongoing awareness and integrity. If not now - when?

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