Thursday, 29 August 2013

Seeding the virus ?

 AndrewStreet said

Well, I have to agree with you on several points there. To be honest, I don't see a lot of hope for this planet, or at least our civilisation on it (the planet itself will recover in time) - if enough of our history is preserved then perhaps we can at least serve as a lesson to some far-future civilisation...

I said:

Might that seed the same thought virus in a new growth?

A conflicted mind is an oxymoron and yet such is the the virtual state of consciousness of humanity.

We are only really free to be what we are. If we try to be what we are not we can call that free will and defend it against all Reason.

To put this another way - we are not the mask or persona that is used and accepted as if it were real in mutual rituals of reinforcement of the idea of separated consciousness.

A separated consciousness USES relationships to GET. This correlates exactly with the state of the world that we co create.

It is not going to resolve at the persona level or via the persona mentality because all of that is about maintaining a control mentality over (one's) Life.

(Further comments)
We already ARE some far-future civilisation and the warnings and lessons of our distant past are held in stories that have come through in one form or another, even when the details are forgot and the essence simplified into folk tales and woven into the fabric of the world and times of the people who told them.
More than enough wisdom to awaken and realign humanity with reality is available, but the stories to which import and favour are given are those that serve to validate and justify a masked wish to self-specialness in which his thinking convinces him that his thinking is his guide and protector from reality, by cultivating a sense of withdrawal from, and control over it.
Even amidst the 'end times' of a globalized magnification of slave-thinking to a machine mentality does humanity 'see' the problem as other people who are blind, selfish or deluded, rather than awaken to this as a self-realisation.

Passing the buck, or playing to win by evading and minimising blame-humiliation-rejection-penalty, is a masking and defence of distraction and deception that has no real regard for others, for the mask has become taken as the 'self' that requires survival at the cost of honesty, of love's recognition and relation.
The thinking of the mask cannot afford love's honesty - and so it is portrayed as weak or heretical - insane even! - by the cliques of self-interest that seek to be free of the perceived  'constraints' of a truly shared reality. And the form of love is used in guile of presentation to soften and win advantage over the gullible.

In the digital era one can engage attention in screen reality or don a virtual reality headset and be so immersed in experience that one forgets it is a surrogate extension.
This is a reflection in our world of a process of displacement that is already active in our minds, as the desire to get or become different than what actually is.
Prior to the experience of physical separation is a sense of loss and an impulse of getting, that cannot be separated from each other, for the one supports the other in displacing the awareness of All That Is - as it is, through the engagement of division and interpretation that seeks to define and control self-reality instead of yielding into and flowing as the be-ing that is our only true existence - regardless of whatever layers or levels of 'experience' that we mutually define and believe real in its moment of appearance.

No one lives and is existence-aware by their own word or deed.
When the displacements from reality are of such a complexity as to become unworkable - even by ingenious redistributions of man made manipulations - then a period of adjustment is inevitable, in which what was believed true simply is not and does not hold. And what is true, simply is and will not be denied.

True foundations are simply evident when the false is seen truly - though it may feel as if a loveless and fearful darkness has been replaced by a gift of light.
The shadow cannot let go of a shadow. That which IS real of you wakens to its true nature. A different world must arise to a different foundation, though it takes time of willingness to release and accept realignment with recognition rather than the old thinking reaction-habit.

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