Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The I experience

I use the term 'I' or else cant say much! - but if pushed to show or uncover what the 'I' is - I have to tell you I cant find it! Nor define or measure it. It is a virtual self - that is - it is not really here at all despite serving as a context for a world-life experience.

So what is being known directly - exists as shifting thoughts of I or other thought-experience rising and falling to an otherwise formless and limitless quality of awareness.

Our perception-experience is a selective reflection. That it is actually a harmony of parts is a reflection of a unified process of being.

But an exclusive identification with the self concepts - or self-image  - makes a distortion experience of apparently independent yet conflicted separate thing-ness amidst a world of things.

And the release of this idea of separate self will allows recognizing the power that actually moves all things one. Absent of all coercion.

The experiential embrace of - and abiding in - presence... without interference, invites true foundation to restore true perspective.

Our words don't have to determine the truth of anything - but that communication occurs at all is witness to shared purpose.

This is the unified and unifying foundation of All That Is: shared purpose.

In attempting private agendas the identification with an apparently independent 'I', sets up a drama and that can be addictive at the level of its engagement. But without the definitions and roles that we mutually ascribe the simple presence of all that is - is a truly unifies awareness revealed to have always been all that is.

Trying to fit perspective of One into a mind in division (a mind in a body in a world) cannot and will never be possible, for such thinking is not itself discerning or feeling/intuiting existence.

My willingness to sketch the unspeakable is of the desire to share the glimpse and open curiosity from a mesmerised attention that thinks it knows and so neglects to look.

That which gave rise to all manifest being is not absent, but in our virtual orphanhood (thinking) we absent ourselves from a direct participance. The symptoms of a our human planet are a call to wake - not to react in fear - but to see fear with new eyes. To see the false foundations from which a parasitic intent usurped the extending and sharing of true relational being.

The fear of love makes the body dense. One's individuality is tangibly and visibly identified by body-mind - but this is abused as a hideout for self concept and dumping ground for guilt and anger.

Who does not know what love is to the body... enlightening, joyous, free and opening in gratitude. Only the blocks to awareness of love cover this over.

So a curiosity to notice allows re-evaluation of such blocks and a shift occurs.

Love is natural to true presence - not as a social or personal manipulation. Love is not a personal or social manipulation. The Now is a point of timelessness when releasing the 'story of me'.

There is always so much more to existence-being than thought or belief could imagine - hence recognizing the blocks or limits and letting more in, such as we are freely willing. There is no coercion in the unified existence.

Always by invitation to willingness. Never coercive upon us -but without persistence and consistency of focus, our vacillations cancel each other out and we prevaricate in a confusion of no real fulfilment at all.

The virtual 'I' is a sort of placeholder concept for the I Am of existence - and yet there IS no substitution for the I Am of existence. This IS our true life and our true world, and the surrogate experiences of a virtual reality in which we seek the 'more' but find the less - and the loss - is as if we had put reality on hold whilst playing very seriously in an imagination.

A wish has all the power that is given it, but the power of shared willingness allows what is already moving to rise to a true awareness in which all is appreciated as it is - free of a personal bias or wish it be different. Here is sanity. Here is peace - and all that can only be fully or truly known, appreciated, loved and shared.

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