Thursday, 29 August 2013

Back from the brink?

Back from the brink: Ed Miliband forces David Cameron to retreat over Syria military action

Labour secures promise of second Commons vote before intervention, while President Obama also faces UN pressure to delay military action

Its a contagious mess isn't it!
What are the money/power interests of those corporates or their hosts who seek to force outcomes? Where does one find a clear exposition of the forces and idea-systems involved? In such reshifting of powers through proxy wars has propaganda permeated our very thinking. War replaces communication with technology of mindcontrol.
We are not told much of what is really going on. Do we really want to know?
Those who are so keen to promote hate and fear in self righteousness avidly seek their own agendas in the guise of caring. Hate, fear, guilt, anger and punishment all seek the righteousness of their cause.
There is a deception in our thinking that thrives as emotional reaction and starves in calm honesty.
Our thinking runs away with us and we believe it. Googling Bashar also turns up an E.T who - for all the wackiness of delivery - reveals a perspective on our cocreational thinking that it (the thinking) could never know. We are so heavily invested in a belief-identity that we cannot seem to escape its dictates - for it tells us what we 'see' and it tells us what we are. And it will use whatever means available to maintain its power over our mind - as it was designed and employed by us to effect so that we would not be exposed to an honesty that we believe we have reason to fear. There is no peace outside honesty. How could there be?
Truth is the first casualty of war. Indeed we have to kill it first in order to have one. This is what we all do when we give priority to a secret intent that runs behind the mask of the attempt to manipulate an outcome rather than find one through true communication.
Brinkmanship may bluff its way and resistance may mitigate a settlement, but who can really control the beast of war let loose upon a world so interdependent and interconnected?

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