Friday, 15 March 2013

Do galactic cannibals eat their own words?

I came upon this comment on an article called Five Smart Things to Say About the Higgs Boson

Galactic Cannibal
And what has DOG (GOD) got to do with Higgs B. Absolutely nothing.
The answer to Does GOD exits is more likely to be an affirminative NO

Lovely typo! The identification with an affirmative no, is of course the way G-d seems either absent or non existent.
The Higgs field postulates a pervasive field in which certain energetic particles acquire and embody the properties of mass.
The Unified Field embodies both existence and awareness of existence as an all pervading knowing, or Is.
Does man exist? As he defines or believes and experiences him/her self to be? Its make believe! - but even a fantasy has to work on or with something real. The true existence of man is neither the result of a dead god of religion or science. Every moment of everything experienced, real or imagined, is experienced within awareness - including space and time.
But a thinking machine doesn't relate, embrace or appreciate experience - only its thoughts.
When we wonder, our thought is paused and a stark fact is felt an instant before the thinking machine resumes its function.

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