Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wake up Narcissus! - (Black Mirror)

Media hypnosis may not be accurate as a term, but there is a kind of mass hynosis passing of as 'consciousness','culture', 'communication'and 'relationship. This virtual 'reality' is both the individual and collective ego - that is a kind of mask that becomes identified with and substitutes for reality - for consciously shared culture expressing true relations.

Technology is a mixed bag - because our mind is a mixed bag. The extended powers of communication and control are matched only by the ever mushrooming flood of distraction and misinformation along with a disappearance of privacy.

The illusion that has most glued to their internal screen is of the central character acting out an independence of power, prevailing over and succumbing to a current adversity in a never ending soap. It is a kind of tacitly shared unconsciousness in which a fantasy self can be indulged. But unconsciousness can hardly BE shared. It is a matter of all agreeing to 'look away' from what would upset our personal apple cart.

There is a degree of checks and balances within the game - that work to prevent or at least minimize the worst excesses of power. But these have increasingly been undermined by an ever more ungrounded mentality that is reflected in our current financial insanity.

The desire for unreal or fantasy experience - did I call it unconsciousness? - is provided for because it is demanded. One cannot make a horse drink. And the pattern of the mind in its passive aggressive split plays out as the victim and the victimizer, the controlled and the controlling - as a sort of war in which real communication is the first 'casualty' - because the desire to play the role is greater than the desire to be consciously whole in true relation. The stimulation of the dynamic of conflict is addictive and the addict lays waste to his or her life in a hollowing out of a madness given power over heart and mind.

Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror is one of the voices that doesn't simply extend a mesmeric invitation to unconsciousness - but prompts the viewer to wake up. To shift from passive stupor of 'accepted reality' into a responsibility of discernment. The mind-in-its-illusion doesn't want to wake up and will do anything to reassert 'control' - but the perspective of awakening is indeed freedom and is worth anything to abide in the full and hearty appreciation thereof!
Waking to fear is not all the way - the fear is an alarm to bring attention present and NOT a call to war. War is the mind in which communication has been usurped and denied. Just say no!
Speaking truth to 'power' is of a desire to heal and to share sanity. The insane are never wholly 'out there' for we are all subscribers to the fantasy channel but in various shifting alliances of a mask that keeps a true and present conscious-ness at at bay - on hold, out of sight.
These games always end in tears or in some prodigal wasteland.
But at least that cuts through at last to the heart that feels and reconnects with the stirring of truth remembered, beneath the great projection.
Look up, Narcissus! - one is not defined in reflected image and concept, but in love's true sharing, in innocence revealed. None is special, to be left out, so release the wish of a 'self-exceptionalism' and its lens darkly, and uncover a totally different purpose active in all things.
Thanks for your attention.

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