Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Meaning of Meteors

What is the significance of such events? One can say there isn't any if one accepts one's own consciousness to be without any significance. But conscious awareness is a significance because it is awareness OF something. The significance can be determined according to a database of experience based on values and interpretations of the past or it can be free association in the movement of awareness itself. The former seeks to lock down events into defined meanings and mappings so as to gain control over phenomena. IE; so as not to hurt again like one has before. The latter is more akin to Adam walking in the Garden, simply because a creative expression is felt, and recognized as one with oneself. This doesn't write out very well in conceptual terms because concepts are the very mapping definitions or mutually agreed meanings from which the world experience is derived.
That apparently random events occur is merely to acknowledge the limitation of our own awareness of the patterning and informing cause behind and yet through all event.
We ARE affected by symbol because it DOES speak an archetypal language of Mind - albeit beneath the rationalizing superstructure that makes a lid over the Unconscious and Superconscious alike.
Something breaking through from beyond that is both wonderful and frightening is not merely rock - but MESSAGE.
The message is already in the mind - but the event is a picture of its uncovering. The uncovering of the truth of the apparently material and energetic Universe is itself a picture of a mind uncovering its own Nature from a less limited and limiting perspective. While Mind is 'located' inside a meat-bag - even such an incredibly complex communication device as a human being - it is rendered insignificant or discarded except as a limiting factor in its superficial aspects.
You are not alone, is the same as saying you are not a private mind. This is not what the persona will accept while it is identified as you - for it is the expression of a force of control upon the whole - and therefore has eclipsed the light of its own wholeness. Yet the fragmented experience of self and universe is not de facto - but the result of a focus of attention in action and reaction - in which it becomes 'locked' or fixated.
I couldn't get this into the other article on the 'need to find significance in such events' because comments were closed. But what is significant is relative to the active movement of desire - whether conscious or whether running beneath the surface as subliminal conditioning or desire.

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The Meaning of Meteors

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