Monday, 18 February 2013

Out of our Nature - out of our mind!

David Attenborough: most of the world's population are out of touch with the natural world - an article in the Telegraph

It is even more true to say most are unaware of their true nature. The 'world outside' is simply replicating our inner mindscape. Change the mind and you WILL see differently!
The defining and rationalizing commentary mind is not in touch with nature - but with a distorted and filtered virtual mapping of Life. Of course we are not really IN our virtual reality - no matter the forms and ascribed meanings of our experience - but are direct expressions of Life or Mind.
"Be still and know God" is a bit like 'shut up and listen!
To the 'thinker' such absence of  distraction is an exposure to a  nothingness or a lack of support or soil in which a 'thinker' can maintain itself as if an independent autonomous existence.
BUT whatever our programming, the event of meeting Life in a wild creature has a deep recognition or stirring and a sense of wonder and blessing.
Wilderness and the Natural world speaks of a time and place unspoilt by human thinking and is therefore 'medicinal' to our own need to release the crap we accumulate that covers over and pollutes our awareness.
To worship nature is a mistake - though to recognize and worship Life in anything and everything is to undo a mistaken self-separateness.
There's room for scientific endeavour, but if there is not a true relationship within our own mind - then it follows as night follows day, that we will be untrue in all our relations.

The scientific fear is that we are nothing in a meaningless and yet often awe inspiringly beautiful Universe - and yet by some freak are clever enough to know it - and to hide within the 'uncovering of truth' as if it gives meaning and purpose to otherwise ignorant lives.
The religious fear is that we are rendered nothing or even damned by a God that we have in some way failed, polluted, rebelled against or sinned such as to deserve death and punishment.

But fear is a mind at war with itself and any thinking that comes from a basis of fear is itself a conflicted and therefore self defeating.
To get in touch with your own Nature is to release your current definitions and extend trust that what is true, reveals itself to you - not from your database of past experience but as a currently felt discernment. There is in this movement, the awareness of an essential innocence and sanctity of being that is not particular or personal - but is simply true of one and all.

Hard to believe? I say beyond belief - and in fact is freely available as we release our investment in self serving beliefs of whatever kind. This is because the wilful coercive intent IS the lens and identification with conflicted being. Control mind is NOT your true nature but don't take my word for it. Get in touch directly.

(Extra comment in reply to another)

Nor are we equipped to until we are ready to step outside of a 'managed reality'. This isn't just corporate intent - but a demand for unconsciousness as an ongoing temporary 'answer' to unfaceable  or intolerable difficulty - though to be sure - humiliation is NOT unfaceable. We are as if trapped in our own thinking which - if you think on that - is absurd! Yet we ARE capable of being conditioned so as to effectively be trapped within thinking that suggests or insinuates a fearful and unworthy and impotent sense of self.

People who have a direct relational appreciation of the 'Good' have a responsibility to recognize it, honour it and share it - as a living  Culture. The alternative is cultural decay, wherein what once held actual value is now but lip service or mere propaganda.

Man domesticated the natural world but lost the sense of the source and nature of his place within it, and now predatory man farms and exploits via the programming of consumer man and jobsworth man so as to strip out all living assets and lay all to waste. Predatory man is an idea in which we identify. It can be seen as a sort of addictive habit that is NOT hardwired into Original Mind - yet IS a fundamental of our (current) human consciousness.

The theology of a superficial rendering of Darwinian perspectives - taken to an absurd extent - has rendered us largely passive and impotent to function except as managed and controlled - excepting a very few who play the role of the predator or controller.

Protest may not be the most helpful option - for every action brings reaction. Speaking truth to power is from a different source than reaction. It honours others with something worthy - and not as a subtler manipulation. Waking up to a better way comes from joining in a truly shared purpose and not merely shifts in power from one group to another. To honour life requires we put down our self righteous masks and listen more honestly than we have ever dared before.

(And a video recommendation to a comment that sees a baby being bitten by a fox as proof of nature being a thing to stay out of touch with)

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