Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Droning on about terror

Perhaps the underside of the US military is the belly of the global corporate interests that essentially own and run the USA - and as far as they can - the world.
The so called American Way of Life that they aggressively defend is not the Dream as peddled to the masses - not any real freedom of creative expression but a very tightly defended grip on power and wealth - based not on divine principle of growing a commonwealth of nations, but by force and guile - whatever presentation the Emperor might want to be seen to be wearing.

However, apart from the willingness to 'call it for what it is' instead of passively complying with untruth, the real issue remains the mindset that - though writ large in world affairs - is yet within each and all of us as a microcosm of the whole. As long as we WANT to see an evil entirely outside our own mind then we continue to use it to justify being a power against it. We define ourselves OVER and AGAINST in order to justify a private agenda. This underlying pattern needs to be uncovered or it runs like a background program that dictates the framework in which we think.

The belief in enemies is the refusal to communicate and the fear of communication is the refusal of love, and the fear of love is the fear of the loss of the private agenda of control. Unless we address this, then whoever is 'in power' it will essentially run a variation of a mind of deceit. While it may sound totally foolish or naive to suggest that there is any alternative to power politics, it none the less opens a way for a fresh perspective in which creative inspiration can reveal better ways of communicating, creative ways of undoing the roots conflict - which is firstly, in our minds, but hidden.

We teach by example and learn by what we teach. To teach that prevailing force is power is to learn to be prevailed upon. My Grandma thought civilisation was just a veneer over a beast - but that is socialisation. Civilisation establishes the conditions by law based on principle in which the conditions are held in which the law of the heart can awaken. When the law is remade in our own image - chaos ensues, but this is not the call to impose law upon chaos - but to embody the law of the heart in our civil society - including the rule of law.
The heart is the voice for wholeness and unified purpose. There is no wisdom in remote assassinations without a process of law being seen to be upheld.
Alas, we become our enemy - and hurt ourselves in a madness born of an ignorance, defended against awareness. There is a limit to tolerance for pain that allows a deeper honesty to surface by which the very ground changes.
I feel the Ground is changing and that the changes are affecting us all - including those in positions of trust and power in society.

Certainly the lunatics are in here - but they depend on darkness to hold any power in our mind. We see denied fear and guilt outside us as if it is 'others', but this is the effect of denying the light of true feeling awareness in order to pursue a lust for power - for control over our mind - and our world and our brother. That then 'creates' a situation in which we seem to need such power to save us!
Its a self fuelling and self-defeating circle.


Why - (asked a reader) is there so LITTLE coverage of the drone issue in the media?

Because power that speaks across the world with sudden death is a fearful thing and to be seen to challenge it is to be identifiable as a potential target to a tyranny from which one cannot escape.
And the power that uses fire and missiles also uses information - and in a way and at a level never dreamed of before.

To speak truth to power is to share freedom of Spirit. There are better ways. Drones are suicidal for the USA because they undermine its integrity and credibility as acts of terror - which multiply the very thing they are supposed to defend against.
This is not something that the powers governing the USA are unaware of and has been going on since the fall of the USSR. War drives the economy and gives justification for usurping power.

Also, journalism is rare in a the information explosion and corporate models of business strip everything back for maximum profit regardless of what the business is dealing in. There is little 'market value' accorded to the work involved in researching and writing real news - so it is starting to become a labour of love that feels the value of giving it, regardless of market and social trends!

I don't know President Obama. For sure he has to make a lot of shit decisions every day because so often there is the least worst option rather than a clear good one. Perhaps he believes it is tough love - to communicate an overwhelming intent to those who would practice acts of aggression to US Interests. But that is not how it is perceived by enemies or friends nor many US citizens. Sovereignty is no more - unless you are either to big to upset or too cosy to need to. Technology has always been utilized for war on all levels - and the new technology will enable war in ways unimaginable. And the folks who make it want to sell it - to make us all safe!

These comments were into an article by Bill Moyers titled The Hubris of the Drones on

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