Monday, 18 February 2013

The presence of a capacity to abide in Life - or 'doing nothing'

Manic activity makes for bad government

What is missing in much of modern life is a genuine presence. Instead we have presentations of intent designed to tick the appropriate boxes - a masqerade behind which are arses protected and fences sat upon. A life without conviction or commitment to anything except staying in power. I'm also talking about us all.
The capacity and courage of discernment is to maintain a clear presence whether acting or desisting from mere reaction. This communicates at a different level than propaganda can reach.
However the manic nature of the attempt to manipulate perceptions of reality is at such a pitch that real information is effectively hidden in broad daylight and few can discern the true from the false because of their own self-investments.
Doing nothing is another way of saying doing nothing to interfere with the way Life Works. A constant interference is the way to inhibit or block Life from becoming self-aware as an awakened responsibility. It is also the ignorance of those who play at power or vanity of those who play at dressing up in self-importance!
Wisdom is vanished when man pretends to know. To truly discern, we must pause from reaction - including our best thinking - and listen as an expression of as much honesty as we can trust. Because, it would be absurd to pretend that we are as congruent as our social masks make out.
Trying to be seen to be in control is a pathetic caricature of a puppet-man who strikes at every shadow and makes rules as if to keep xyz from ever happening again - and makes 'war' on the ills so as to appease the self-righteous - so they don't have to look within at the deeper conditions out of which our ills arise as sure as night follows day!
Those who use guilt and blame as leverage - suffer to be split off from their wholeness, for it is true that even as we do unto (the least) others - so do we unto our very self.
Control mentality is a sham for both sides of the apparent transaction. True harmony arises from values truly embodied and shared as cultural expression. One has to extend trust to find trust is met. But that first requires that one HAS it. It starts with our own true relations within ourself and extends out automatically.
The age of man's conquering life is passing - though not without the last attempts to control via biotech and psychotechnical means.
There's nothing like deep sickness of a sense of a poisoned Soul to bring wretchedness to awareness. If it is brought to light a correction will be found but while we do so much to push it down! and keep it pushed down! - we hide from the sickness and the cure in endless complications of self defeating efforts.
I can not convince the mind that lives only on the surface to question its world as a mere surface - but a wretchedness of meaninglessness in a conflicted and conditioned perpetuity can - and will.
Those who can abide in life can be a channel through which life communicates in thought, word and deed. Abiding is 'doing nothing to break the connection'. This is a great art - indeed the word abide is of 'being' and art is the true nature of 'to be'.
Much ado about nothing! While we must do what calls for doing, we can look to the spirit in which it is done. We can always align ourselves with or against our true good, by the purpose within which we live.

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