Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Why sex is not what we think

An article on why sex evolved? doesn't mean a lot to me because I don't see evolution as the god it is worshipped to be by a mentality that hasn't truly observed and owned its own foundation.

I wrote two comments below:

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Comment 1:

There is a two way aspect to all things in this world.
Looked at with the lens of separation, sex is all the things that a mechanical survival based view, measures and observes it as being; a transaction or communication dictated by 'prevail and survive'. The very nature of the survival urge is of response to threat and the very nature of the urge to prevail sets up the action by which opposing reaction gives rise to a sense of threat. The whole business is covered over with a self-protective fantasy in which the forms of Life are used to enact fantasy upon. Such is not only pertaining to sex - but the world! Living in our story rather than observing and responding to actuality as an integral participant.

Looked at with the implicit awareness of a pure participance, sexual love is one integral aspect of a reflection of a merging or Unified essence. An undefendedness of being to its own Source and Nature. To love God perfectly (holding nothing back as one's own 'take') IS to love your brother as your self. (Brother here is not a sexual term but an indicator of a common Source and Nature).

The commandments made famous by Jesus are not something one can 'do' but are something one can let into and realize to be true - by releasing all the self-regarding 'doings' that obstruct the natural flow of our being.

The inter-penetrating nature and communication that is also 'sex' is not a special state of breaking siege in order to go out and get something; but is the Way everything already be's.

The lens of separation or 'thinking' uses Life to get something - and that it how it gets to feel deprived. Repeated getting hollows out and depletes the relationship of any residual Blessing. The forms of sex are ritually enacted in order to get things from relationship and often by mutual agreement have no real intent to actually relate directly at all.

Sex is thus one of the simplest ways of experiencing shared being - and 'making' love is not so much making it as making love welcome and tangible.

Sex is thus one of the most guilt ridden and convoluted complexities of the human mind.

Another angle is simply to say that everything is only what you bring of yourself to it. The purpose that we hold in our heart and mind determines everything of our experience - starting with the very sense of self from which all else proceeds.

Thankyou for your attention

Comment 2:

Love's delight is in infinite variety of unique expression.
This extends in a world of form as a playful exploration of forms - but is also the capacity of love to be ever new. Heraclitus never made love to the same woman twice - for she is not as she was before and nor is he. This is the Secret within form that chasing after and identifying with form has forgotten.
Back to organic perspectives:
That there is a communication between apparently conflicting interests at a deeper level is itself enough to suggest Tweedledee and Tweedledum - who SEEMS to effect a polarity of conflicting forces or interests but dissolve before the awareness of the Big Black Crow.
Not a very nice word for God - but there's no way that the mind in addiction to conflict is going to recognize or  welcome love.
But the capacity of the mind to put truth (now!) on hold while pursuing an idea is not to be underestimated. Nor is it in itself sinful. But a wilfulness to lock reality (now!) out so as to prevail in one's own thought will bring with it all the baggage of sin, (dissonance or 'wrongness' of being), sickness and struggle and isolation and loss.
Because the mind can make itself sort of temporarily comfortable within such a hell, it can protect its own suffering against its own joy. Nothing one says to it will get through. But tolerance for pain is not infinite. Mind is not FIXED or LOCKED.
Letting life in and growing trust are one step at a time willingness for letting Life Move You as one-with instead of trying to leverage it from a presumed separateness.

Thankyou for your attention

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