Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mystery of Human Consciousness

 Reading the article and some of the comments of:
The Top Ten Mysteries of the First Humans
prompted this sketch of an article.

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The surface mind attempts to conceive or imagine a construct that 'justifies' and makes sense of the thinker, to itself. Such a thinker believes (and experiences) that they are as the preposition of that construct defines. This is an overlay of consciousness-experience upon what might be called Mind or pure awareness.
Creation in its pure sense didn't 'happen' in the past because it is an Eternal Is. That is, it is the Always and Only Condition. Our Father, Who Art (in) Heaven. Not 'Other' and 'than which nothing truly can be 'other'.

Thought in its original movement, IS the Movement of Being within itself in which Awareness Knows it is aware, through the shared or unified nature of being - which is love. The 'I think therefore I am' is not the proof of a separate self from the process of thought or being but a realization of Life as Movement of Being Itself.

BUT, to use the sense and image of I, as a focal point from which to stand as it were 'outside' or separate from the Movement of Being, is to introduce a lens of separative thought as a filtering and distorting experience - whose sense of 'self' substitutes for the unified awareness of being - IN ITS OWN focal experience. This is so because what IS cannot actually Be as it is not, and so remains true even through the experiences of a thought that seems to have splintered Wholeness and become a mind alone and all by itself - with other similar 'minds'. Whose separateness seems survival itself and is protected by a body - that is an aspect of Mind associated with tangibility of identification over which some degree of control can be temporarily effected.

The surface mind cannot and will not look within at its own underpinnings but looks fixedly without - at a world of form in space and time - that is to its perspective … life.
It does not see that it is looking at Self because it is not looking with Self or as Self.
Everything about it is programmed or mechanical, yet it believes it has 'free will' - which is to say free to think or do according to its own 'choice'.
Choice was introduced in the separation thought as a sense of being able to choose to be in the experience of separateness or to rest in Unified Being and let the experience dissolve. It is not a real choice because a choice between Everything and nothing cannot really have but one outcome if you ARE One with Everything. But choice became a substitute for true Freedom - which is simply the Movement of Being that Is love.

That Thought can say "Let there be light" - and there Is light, ought hardly to be surprising. But in the orphaned surface consciousness that we take to be reality, thought is made weak and material force and form seems overwhelming - but not quite... This is by design of a mind that became afraid of its own power and nature, that hides its confusion in unconsciousness - from which only those thoughts which protect its survival are allowed consciousness.

But the construct of a separateness that is not true is like an eddy in a flowing river. The forces that gave rise to its pattern are not themselves Eternal - and change and disintegration are inherent to what seemed a centre around which all else moved.

Thoughts can reflect the Eternal as well as the temporal. The difference is the focus.
As long as the focus is fixed on the surface reality, this is given your life because your attention is the movement of your awareness. But to put aside or suspend this exclusive focus - that is to relax the mind of identity, differentiation and judgement or desire - allows the Natural Focus of Unified Being to register to your awareness - as You.

If this is given welcome and not rejected, it grows and restores your mind to a naturally aligned perception - that is as the expression and extension of the Movement of Being that it never has not been. In such awakened intelligence is the nowness of form seen truly in its living context - and recognized as of One Mind and not seen as a conflicted and polarized reflection of a mind at war with itself.

Talking to the crowd or the footballers, while a game is on, as to the true nature of the game, is a futile gesture! But a willingness to write this here may meet with those whose attention or allegiance has waned for the game and who are therefore available to notice.

It is only sketches that point within - where our own words and concepts cannot go - but only cast shadows.

Thank you for your attention

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