Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jesus is not special - or love is yet crucified unknowing

An article on whether evidence found indicates Jesus was married


I feel that the mentality that tries to use whatever is considered authority (in its day) as its own base from which to prevail, is a usurper; a phony or psuedo self deceit. It is not hard to find in our own thinking or in the world because it is the play of the sense of ego-self in its own self-creating. Mistaking it for reality is losing a real participation in Life for a false promise.
The story of Jesus - regardless of anything beyond the story - serves as an awakening archetype in the mind. All of what is in the story is about You.
All of the characters in the story speak of You.

This Movement - of awakening, finds its way into the human experience or the 'human condition'. It is the penetration of ignorance from within - yet the very nature of ignorance insists that reality is without and sin is within. (Effectively a dissonance of being that has become confused with a sense of self and triggered  dissociation, denial and displacement that is automatically defended as real - as for our very survival.

Making Jesus special, 'saves' us from everything he teaches. To make special is to separate. There is a perspective that can appreciate his teaching which does not use the mind that makes special to sacrifice love so that a separateness can 'live' in its place.

The rigidities of mind in polarity about what and whether Jesus was are smoke screens. But the opening of the mind from rigidity to simply feel anew - allows thoughts that would previously been rejected.
The process of undoing the thoughts of guilt, of hate, of fear, is going on all the time in all of time. It is the purpose of the Holy Spirit; the Voice for Love's Recognition and Remembrance. It doesn't need to be called anything to be Called.
Jesus put his own thinking aside and listened for the 'Father's Will" - for the feeling and the guidance of our Unified Being.
This is as available to all as to him. Jesus may have had a head start in living out from a faith in the Innocence of Being and a love of truth, but that could be seen as preparing a way rather than proving us guilty, evil-minded and weak.
The ignorance of our perspective will always distort or limit what we can receive.
Therefore beware of taking literally, that which was the best that could be understood at the time. Jesus himself was seen as a breaker and defiler of the law - though he came to fulfil it; for the law was made for Man and not the other way round. What he shared as the Son of Man - as humanity - was not a house divided or an hypocrite.
Unless Jesus is taken down from the cross of a specialness of person, then his message is effectively blocked. That Jesus is one with the Holy Spirit is to say that within you is a Guide and Movement for Love's awakening amidst a mind and a world of wilful struggle.
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