Friday, 6 July 2012

The Higgs boson Gotcha!

I am not a scientist, in the sense usually meant, for I do not seek outside, but seek to see what seems outside, from a true or innocent, perspective. So for me, the world is reflecting what could be called aspects of Mind - not the mind that we ascribe ourself and each other, which is a mutually learned active process of self-differentiation from Mind, in which we experience ourselves and the world 'externally'.
When we look out, we are seeing something reflected of our own Mind - that is not within the focus of the apparent control which we associate with our self, and which is not available to be known or seen directly from the perspective of the mode or mind of control - because the assertion of force as 'self', acts out an action- reaction loop in which Ground Awareness is effectively obscured by distractive identity.
I felt to essay this much, because truth is not a discovery of man but the uncovering of an awareness in which nothing contradicts itself or limits or sets apart to judge. To mere thought, this must read as nonsense, but to a willingness to accept a perfectly unified and indivisible being - exactly where the experience of selves and world is seeming to occur - it is like Everything coming into clear focus from a Perspective that had been forgot amidst the personal experience of action and reaction, which can now be observed empty of personal investment.
The Higgs field of our own mind is not unlike a veil or lens whereby an Indivisibility, is experienced as differentiated force and matter, space and time, observer and observed. It can hardly last an instant, yet opens a 'portal' through which manifest existence is expressed and experienced, not exclusively from a subjective view within its universe, but the Primary Awareness knowing Itself in All.
Human concept is inherently unable to articulate Indivisibility and can only make sketches that trigger an Intimate and thoughtless realisation, from which proceeds expressions of a like nature. Such expressions embody the qualities that are the foundations of true cultural renewal, because they are not a persistence of the reaction mind, but embody a fresh perspective.
Problem solving is addictive to many but the problem that is kept unsolved is of the division of our heart and mind. If mind 'goes off on its own' it creates it's own self-illusion. We should know this well by now, but are still asleep to our true nature while we collude in engaging such wishful thinking in e ery kind of guise.
I do not know what I am or what anything is.
Yet this realisation opens to That Which Is, by absence is self asserted identity and the realisation is Unspeakable, and confers no status nor advantage save that of apprehending truly.
Thank you for your attention.

NOTE: The following response generated a reply underneath:
Q: Does a computer program generate your musings? The are more obtuse than the american tax code.
A: Now if it did - and it also provided a virtual sense of self independence such that I believe I am in fact thinking MY own thoughts - then it would no doubt be able to formulate a response for you and I would be (virtually) happy.

Are your thoughts (y)our own?
Or are they essentially programmed reaction?
Something IS present here. See a mind of reaction and validate it by 'using it'. Or disregard what has no validity to your conscious purpose.

What is the purpose ruling or aligning all things in (y)our life?
From a foundation, all else follows - but from a false foundation, all that follows is likewise false - no matter how rigorous and tested it is.

If I wrote to what you (all) already 'know' I would have nothing to add. In writing from where I feel the inspiration, I may have a lonely time of it, but I feel to lean to the potential of a Copernican shift in self awareness… anyway.

NOTE: Another Q and A:

Q: I'm curious why this essay of silliness has 3 recommends. Either you've mastered the art of trolling or you're very confused. Nothing you said made any sense except the "I am not a scientist" part.

Examples of nonsense:
"The Higgs field of our own mind is not unlike a veil or lens whereby an Indivisibility, is experienced as differentiated force and matter, space and time, observer and observed."

"Human concept is inherently unable to articulate Indivisibility and can only make sketches that trigger an Intimate and thoughtless realisation"

"Thoughtless realization"? Contradiction maybe?

I normally don't respond to posts like these, but I'm kinda curious why people write stuff like this.

A:I appreciate the civility of your response.
For everything 'outside' I feel a correspondence within.
My admittedly poetic use of the Higgs Field as a name for what feels similar in function is not a scientific fact but perhaps a pointer to where to bring attention to - in the working of the mind.

While (some) scientists seek a Unified Theory of Everything, I put it that Indivisibility is Already Fact - but that a trick of the mind makes it SEEM as if an action of desire and intention has set off a chain of reactions whereby thought and its implied 'thinker' have an independent polarised existence in a tangibility of energy and mass.

The presumption of independent self is so all pervasive and deepseated as the foundation of our consciousness, that it is difficult to even bring it to question. (Though I see science is in fact deconstructing the 'self' as an actual entity just as it is clearing out wishful thinking about an external God).

Realization may find clothes in thought - and a thought may express some aspect of the breakthrough - but it truly is of an order beyond thinking. Thinking can be used as a term to include all aspects of mind - but I tend to use it for conceptual imaginative construct.

The old adage, "Be still, and know God" is not addressed to a thinking approach and isn't suggesting a coercive or controlled stillness of an imposed concept.
To experience without the interpretations and assertions and commentary of the separate self sense (thinking)is to at least glimpse and Indivisibility or wholeness of be-ing.

This intimate fact has absolutely no value for a mind engaged in its own constructs or pet projects, and so is rendered to be of no value (without mass). Yet the light of awareness is the (always and already) Context of everything you or I ever think and experience. It is Name-less and unspeakable because you cannot actually separate yourself from it to do so, (But in the imagination that we have (by defining self, other and world), is every human thought and its experience made).

Should this awareness stir within you, you may experience everything that the mind constructs as meaning - as completely unfounded and meaningless - not unlike an elaborate theory that turned out to be unfounded. Some aspect of this occurs for a lot of us in all sorts of contexts, but usually everything focusses upon regaining a solidity of self as if that was the only sanity - like keeping a well sealed lid over the deeper aspects of our consciousness and their associated fears and inadequacies.

The collusive and mutually self validating behaviour of human beings in constructing their reality runs much deeper than what is visible on surface. However the desire to KNOW - is also alive within us all - whether it has stirred in your life yet or not - and this may take all sorts of routes and expression, including scientific endeavour.

I do not feel any necessary or inherent division between spiritual enquiry and any other human endeavour so I include something of my perspective here simply as an invitation to meet without persuasion or assertion beyond the witness that I am able to articulate with this conceptual tool - amidst this particular cultural context.

Because I presume a different foundation, I will be perhaps very hard to understand because it doesn't extend the existing concepts so much as use them in a different way. But I am also very easy to pass by without hardly noticing. It isn't like anyone has to listen in if they haven't some interest moving already in their own mind.

If you skimmed my writing on any of my blogs you will at least find me consistent.

Why do I write?
Art is originally of the verb 'to be'. Thou Art. To open a channel of expression of being is a gift sharing itself.
Why do I sing?
Why do I dance?
Why do we love?

Silly questions to the ones in flow - but seemingly worthy of pursuing to those who see forms (think) without any sense of the spirit of which they express.

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