Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Leveson Enquiry: Media and State reflect our cultural mentality

In a willingness to free my speech and give witness to my voice:

An (ultimately) fearful intent and attempt to seek or maintain control for private and personal gain, will autmatically operate as a 'conspiracy of interest' and is simply the nature of the politics of power. One could equate this with crude Darwinian sanction as 'the way the Universe works' and see all cultural values as simply the stories we tell to ourselves and each other whilst actually being under the power of lovelessness, meaninglessness and inevitable destruction - within which the urge to become something in one's own right grabs and uses whatever and whoever for its own appetite.

Alliances shift amidst such players, while power seems to be theirs or within their reach.

Media and politicians both attempt to control perception through posture, presentation and propaganda (public relations), and will believe it is for our own good, for they will feel justified in protecting from even worse evils than we (are allowed to) know about. Or they will believe that the other lot are much worse for us than they are. Or simply that the system is helplessly and uncontrollably corrupt, and that they simply try to survive and prosper within it.

The War on Truth is a played out amidst a false counsel of fearful distrust, that no longer holds any value or principle in the realisation of the heart, but seeks to use any and every inherited value as a part of its own mask.

Of course I am not only talking of politicians and media owners - or even the less visible powers that use these as their tools. I am talking about our culture.

What is healthy in broad democratic principle is of communication being allowed to occur. Without truth,  communication is but a deceptive manipulation or attempt to control an outcome, dressed up in the FORM of a communication.

Truth is not democratic nor even consensual. Truth is not owned or controlled by state or priest, nor defined by religious or scientific law. Honesty and Trust are the foundation of a true sanity in which everything is known as it is - and not as it is told in story.

The practical expression of this is the willingness to listen; to be truly receptive to the movement of being that is both within us and in the situation we meet, and to discern and give both welcome and trust, to the movement of expression that comes from such a listening - which might be our act or our speech - or it may be our silence and rest.

Children can discern truth - as can we all - because we know the atmosphere of a lack of fear and coercion as one in which joy and freedom to feel and communicate are natural. True direction amidst the fearful is felt as a presence of peace in which authority serves the whole.

Humanity becomes enslaved to its own investments in what turn out to be  self-illusion.

We are all in this together - but not as defined by our story or by media and state. We are all playing our part in willingness for truth - or apart in wilfullness of self-illusion.

The 'war' against real communication is investment in (identification with) fear and guilt.

No one else can walk out of such a mind-set for me (or you) - but every witness serves a greater remembering.

May such managed sacrifice toward accountability and transparency expand awakening to the true nature of our sickness.

It is never to late to begin.

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