Wednesday, 26 January 2011

A Climate of Denial


      I feel a much more immediate and real danger from the fear driven agenda of that which is using the predictions and theories of man made climate change – than from the changing climate. And of course the same mentality can work in opposition.

      I'm more open to suffering potential climate related conditions than to living now under fear driven human tyranny and I feel the hysterical and coercive nature of the mind has to be recognized for what it is – a means of distraction. A distraction from what is truly present and becoming visible, because it is perceived or believed to be threatening or fearful to private self interest.

      Beneath the 'Foxy Loxy' power and profit and 'identity' validation 'opportunities' that are scarcely concealed behind the mask of alarm and ˜concern,' are deeper issues at work.

      Of the scientific disciplines that could shed light, perhaps psychology may be the most helpful. The mind uses denial routinely as part of its function – and yet there are much more deep seated and pervasive denial mechanisms operating than what come to the surface in such things as our climate change 'conflict'. But that which asserts itself coercively and exclusively should be denied acceptance or validity if it arises from taking thought. For wisdom is not mere reaction or even considered strategy to deal with a presumed problem but is a discernment in the listening of the heart that arrives at a context or perspective from which to live out from.

      Science, as a human expression, evolves, and hopefully, shall be integrated into a more unified approach to, and expression of, life, and to an awakening to some understanding of the true nature of Mind – as pre existing non local or universal Field. Not some external God – but the very nature and condition and source of all that we call the Universe – including the processes we call life. Because in a very real sense we have our map upside down and inside out – as was the presumption of an earth-centric universe.

      Who for a moment believes that a truly universal good will is active in the world at the level of human consciousness in general – including scientists, politicians and businessmen? However such is our potential to be realized as we allow a true honesty to reveal the self delusory and self destructive nature of an exclusive and coercive private self interest, in our own mind – and world.

      Such self concept is firstly at war with – and in denial of – the truth of its own intimate nature – of its interrelated inherence in and as expression of The Universal Mind or be-ing in which it Actually Is, and from which it differentiates itself by taking thought for itself – thus experiencing Reality differently- as unrelated fragmented and dissociated parts – that it defines and seeks to relate so as to validate itself. In effect seeking to define and control reality through division.
      Science at heart is enquiry, in willingness and desire to know or discover truth. But it only allows itself to look 'outside' - and disregards subjectivity excepting it can formulate it as objects of data. Yet the apparent dichotomy of subjective and objective is man made. The experience of a world arising that happens to an observing self is an interpretation occurring within awareness – and the self concept is a suggestion or idea from which we may ‘explore’ a world-experience through a glass darkly. Now Something is Arising to Awareness – but there is no actual way of separating out from this to make a true object of that which is transcendent of the process of thought. In fact the persistent attempt to do so cuts off the heart or unified sense of be-ing – and results in a split mind whose conflict – acted out – perpetuates the denial of the heart.

      When we do not operate from fear a natural generosity seeks expression.
      I see climate change as a time of fundamental change – yet I primarily locate that change in Consciousness. I use a capital C because what we call human consciousness is largely unconscious or programmed. To be conscious is not 'to think'. To be conscious is to behold presently. Simple observation reveals that taking thought for oneself effectively obscures, distorts and filters the tangible presence of life and awareness now.

      The symbol of a hostile world is active at the very root of our psyche and its reenactment as part of our sense of exclusion, disconnection and separateness extends back through our mind before possibility of recall. I am suggesting that we stay in the way of an impending harm – but that the capacity to discern is innate as part of an original awareness of being – and can be uncovered.

      The capacity to discern the pathways amidst apparent danger is of freedom from fearful imagination and a capacity to bring attention totally present. This is not premptive defence – but a capacity to trust and listen wholeheartedly for what is needed – and to live out from each moment in that trust. As humans we like to insulate our mind from reality because it is felt as a Call or need that it cannot tolerate – AND keep the privacy of mind that we treasure as our personal life. The good news is that releasing the intent and attempt to control life does not result in chaos – but in the restored capacity to discern, intuit and feel. To be as it were a direct expression of a living universe whose nature is shared or inclusive rather than witheld and exclusive.

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