Tuesday, 25 January 2011

How words get the message across

The mind that acts out as if it is separate from itself in order to make of its self an object will develop its own languages that assert assumed meanings about itself but from a false pretext. "I think therefore I am". A whole world can be predicated on such an 'I' even though there is absolutely no direct experience of such an entity. Seriously, where is it?

The ‘language’ of true intimacy is life itself; un-interpreted or modified and directly felt and shared. When we are identified with a seeming capacity to be independent powers unto our selves we necessarily shun such Intimacy or at least modify it to such manageable moments as 'normal service' can be quickly resumed from. The mind can be used to limit communication.

To regard information  or data as communication is to forget that data is a carrier of a contextual instance - because it is given and received in mind - and the context of mind is either a willingness for intimacy or truly shared purpose - or the obfuscation of such in order to play out a sense of self exceptionalism.

My own sense of language and meaning has been an experiential education. For when I sought for meaning outside the true context of Intimate Life - I acquired 'concepts, ideas and meanings' and associated and related them together in ways that constituted 'my' current understanding or handle on the world. But when I abandoned such a futility, the meaning of life became less obfuscated to a unified mind - and such currents of insight or intuited knowings found clothes from precisely the structures of ability that I had grown as an ability to articulate. This is much more a listening and trusting relationship than a formulation of ideas - and of course its underlying nature or intent - is to share of the same simple Intimacy of being that is free of the man-made attempt to make or master Reality. Even a 'reality' of our own definitions.
The attempt to reverse engineer the most crude and reducible common elements of our world is like wandering in the mind with the light off, using a pencil torch - and then trying to reconstitute models of 'how it works' or 'what it means'  - from a mechanism of delivery that is itself a communication device and not in itself otherwise meaningful.

Hmmm... quite a few longish words here. Probably no meaning at all to a mind that is still trying to get a handle on life so as to turn it to serve a privately personal sense. But I am communicating as I feel moved to do - from a sense of a communioned life. That I feel addresses the fundamental presumptions from which the human mind tends to operate like a programmed robot rather than an expression of intimacy.

In Peace


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