Thursday, 27 January 2011

Philosophy as Inspiration

Philosophy is an activity of human thinking that can be inspired by intuitive realisation - but can also deal in derivative meanings that are not true - but are in some way appealing to the personal sense  - to our sense of self as an independent authoritative presence in its own right.

It is quite possible to deal in 'truths' while not knowing and sharing them truly, and in this sense seek to use truths to 'add to my self' rather than subjugate and align the sense of self with revealed truth.

Philosophers can - and do - argue about 'what is truth?' - but if their appetite for being right or self-validation is released in favour of truly desiring to know - then truth will no longer be obscured to their own awareness by their own self-assertion - and in reading philosophy as much as in taking a walk, they will be able to discern and be receptive to, inspiration.

The notion of engaging in activity of thinking in order to arrive at truth is absurd. Yet in the earnest attempt engaged fully, we can experientially come to the limits of thought - and so also release the limited and open to a perspective that a thought-based identity cannot know.

But such awakened 'perspective' in its experiential and unified sense, can of course be then clothed in thought and presented in a currency that serves the need of the times. Not so much the time in which it appears - as the times that it lays foundation for.

The story of humanity can be seen at the level of idea - in which persons are mere agencies of idea and not as some Promethean hero dealing stolen goods as good stuff. And we can see that our world is experienced and lived out in the terms of the ideas of the times - that are of individual expression finding shared acceptance. But truth itself is not a matter of consensus. Truth is not a grey meaningless existence in which to treasure crumbs of comfort.

I feel that the uncovering of the nature of Mind in which such idea arises is nigh. Not least because there is a great need for fresh inspiration to free us of the traps of our thinking - and of the experience that such thinking gives rise to. There's not much room for manoeuvre amidst the insanely complex world We created - let alone joy in being alive - and sharing it!

"I think, therefore I am" is  considered a foundation. But it is easily misinterpreted as "I, the doer am proven to exist by my power of doing". But is this not simply expressing a wish-idea to interpret the arising of an idea in awareness in terms of a capacity to act independently from the Field of Awareness Itself. In other words is it not of the very same apple from which comes a seeming capacity to judge all things good or ill - according to a personal power of will?

Truth is that we cannot in any True sense be independent from the Field of Awareness in which and of which everything arises. Not even for an instant. But who wants to spoil the game when its in the midst of play? Free will is the capacity to accept willingly but tolerance for pain is limited, and so initiates enquiry from which health and renewal springs.

Yet when a fundamental meaninglessness rises to our awareness, we can NOT engage the game of life on old terms AND find it works or holds currency any more - and needs must regain a direct connectness with a true inspiration and value rather than rebranding or recycling the same old same old in desperate attempt to maintain our presentations of validity and of being respectable and capable in our own right.

So I have blown a trumpet here to offer a framework that says YES! to philosophy as Inspiration and invites disregard to the practice of thinking about thinking in order to think some more.

Thankyou for your attention!

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