Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Brave New World

I believe we need to re-evaluate much more than cutting costs and releasing an overbearing state. I believe we need to discover a saner basis for living together on this planet. Workability is not mere expediency - it is the hallmark of wisdom. To invite and support processes of trust and communication  - in a society that has eroded its own foundations - is a good start.

I envision a process of change and cultural renewal is underway that can not be the continuation of the politics of the last century. Economic constraints will be a constraining factor - but desire and joy for life must be the motive force. I believe this will become more obvious as it is seen that the old approaches simply can no longer work.

Everyone presumes that structure is fixed - but when the spirit goes out of structure it becomes a force against new life instead of serving it. Renewal is necessary - but it has to come out of a process of our own lives and cant just force 'good ideas' upon life.

There is much about our mentality writ large on western society - that is mean minded, self seeking and destructive or at least self undermining. Blaming others is a mechanism to let everyone else remain unchanged - but what we need is a true process of education.

Political changes can express and yet also nurture an organic process of change. There is a need for a deeper level of self honesty and responsibility than many may want. A true accounting must start from a better place than the distorted models that are not at all serving us well.
Nick Clegg has set a tone - now respond by joining - by engaging - not with the cynical politics of mere opinion or managed despair - but with desire to discover what our times are bringing forth.

Change can be creatively or gracefully cooperated with - or it can be like seismic shifts that undermine even our fundamental structural securities. Because of the debt funded spin bubble - we are still like the cartoon character who has run off the cliff - but has yet to look down.

I am optimistic because of the nature of the human spirit- not because I believe human selfishness has somehow disappeared. Fear is NOT the basis upon which to make decisions - especially concerning potentially fearful outcomes.

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