Monday, 13 November 2017

Healthcare means sickness care

David Healy's newsletter prompted a look at a talk on the cocktail of drugs becoming normal diet and of course with no real account of the co-factoring synergy of unwanted, collateral or sidelined effects on life and health.

I am glad that some within the 'system' of accepted narrative beliefs are challenging what I see as a blind and blinding narrative - but I stand with that from a different predicate.

My comment:

It's all backwards. Even the term 'Healthcare' is Orwellian doublethink for 'sickness care' - and it is the sickness that is managed and being passed off as health.

People (that is us) are being pharmed for sickness - and conditioned to want it, seek it out or demand it - while believing we are getting something we need.

This system is not in need of tweaking - but of radically free questioning - so as to break the spell of what has become a 'protection racket', where the guardians became guards and the masking (of symptom or true feedback), became an entanglement in lies.
The intent to help became a Trojan horse. The operation of 'disease' we seek to eradicate is framing (and in a sense thus directing) the search for cure - and its outcome.
Our defences are doing - what they are purported to defend against.
'Healthcare is serving the reinforcement of weakness, fragility and inadequacy - while such beliefs and definitions are accepted true by acting from them.

Everything embodies its predicate foundation. Unified purpose aligns unified or integrated and coherent outcomes. Conflicted or masked purpose generates conflicting and deceptive outcomes. Both are 'lawful' in the sense of physics of cause and effect - but the latter renders an experience of chaos or lawlessness - which triggers the 'conflict' pattern that feeds a negative loop of depletion that tightens to crisis, in which a poor outcome reveals itself as a faulty choice or alignment in what no longer serves.

The Creative does not interfere with any choice we have made - but is implicit in our capacity to choose. Dissonance and pain have limits of tolerance, from which our willingness to question re-opens receptivity and perspective in place of fixed or asserted definition.

I use the term Creative as an Inherency for true or direct awareness of existence - that is experienced through the idea extension, reflection, resonance, recognition and relation. All of which are spontaneous and native to being. The inhibition of such nature also became its demonisation as fear of loss of self-control, that asserts or 'extends and projects and meets' the idea of self-invalidation and substitution or replacement of the direct intuition of being for a learned or conditioned 'second nature', that imagines itself outside or set over a sense of dominion that is then felt violated, rejected, abandoned or left unsupported and isolated. Control and chaos are two sides of the same idea.

Here is the basis for the development of 'independent abilities' for the externalisation of mind as technology - that becomes both a language and a model of our 'world'. As our sole protection (sic) - such abilities require compliance and allegiance to its dictate. Who would regain their whole-Souled perspective must release their investment in the interpretive filtering they take to be their world. But we cannot see it because we 'see' the world.

The lie is known to need another to protect it and another for that one until the mind is lost from its own recognition of feedback or choice-outcomes - and seeks outside to generate 'authority' by which to hold 'order'.

"Too big to fail" is "too blind to see". Following the blind brings blindness and insanity.
You couldn't make it up - except - in a very real sense - we have - and are focusing in and following such ideas - by a blind acceptance and allegiance within a dishonesty of being over the simple recognition that we don't know.

"Dont know' is not a failure - but an honesty from which to pause from the illusion of definition-control to open in and to ask real questions, and then wholly embrace the unfolding answer - which may not arrive in framing expectation of our 'problem' but as insight that expands and realigns to a shifted perspective or embrace of life in which the problem either does not exist or cannot persist in the framework of meaning that was embodied before.

But as you may notice - this recognition or healing may occur regardless a cacophony of dissonance that shouts to block, divert or deny the recognition of true. Such is the 'territory' of the willingness to 'come out' from a false sense of self-protection to embody willingness for health and wholeness.

I hold that the felt need for 'protection' from our psychic-emotional conflict is not merely 'mental' - but fundamentally set as the basis for what we generally call consciousness - but it is a split (and split off) consciousness. A fragmentation masked by assertive narrative identity or indeed narrative control as a surface over hidden (ignored) or unconscious (denied) relation, communication, conception.

The generation and development' of such a self-separate sense of limitation and lack is hard to raise to observation and consideration under an unquestioned acceptance of such a sense as the 'creation' of millions of years of evolutionary chemistry. But these are not mutually exclusive ideas unless current conscious choice is sacrificed to (any) rigid or fixed image or concept.

The distantiations in time, space, cause and effect - are symptomatic of a denial/evasion of - and neutered substitution for - the Creative. Such is the evasion of an implicit self-responsibility or indeed self-honesty - in a substitute 'reality' self-definition. Our residual connection to (or channel of) the Creative is our acceptance of true or free will - also known as our capacity of choice but substituted for by private fantasy gratifications of a sense of lack in search of fulfilment - absent the acceptance of the Creative.

Because The Creative has - in a sense been masked out or masked over and distorted or filtered through a lens of conflicted and denied fear - that operates as a hidden template to a surface 'reality' perception. Within its framing, multiple 'choices' all embody, support and propagate the same core agenda in seemingly different facets.

The basis for the 'model' that results in such 'negatively polarised creation is the development of a subjective consciousness set against an objective or external threat. This fundamental pattern is revealed in the denial of conflict, that dissociates 'escape' into an externalize displacement of conflict. The displacement model (the world as defined) is serving a 'denial' agenda as a defence against exposure in fear of total loss of self. To this sense, the covering over with miasma of limitations and blocks to consciousness, is a compelled sacrifice of life, driven by unconscious fear in denial.

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