Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The reverse-reading of deceit

The reverse-reading of deceit

Ka Wai Awa Awa said:
Do they not know that their accusations against others tells us exactly what they are doing?

Indeed, but the mirror does not blame - it merely reflects.

So what 'they' believe 'they' are doing is revealed in who 'they' think 'they' are - which is 'supported' by polarized diversionary tactic. Who or what is the actual 'doer' or cause? Political intrigue may go down the rabbit holes of shadow powers, but regardless who hides behind deceits, is not the baiting of the mind, its 'capture' as an asset or proxy to work another agenda even while believing it is fulfilling some sense of self-specialness or divine calling - that may degrade and fragment to holding the line against 'feared or hated outcome'?

When you say 'they' do you mean the captured mind that knows not what it does, the terrorized mind that does what it is told, the denied mind that does anything to not know, and etc?

Weaponizing information is deceit - such as to infer an 'us and them' in narrative conflict. Deceits can be illuminated, as deceits or without substance or foundation in truth. I like your comment - and the question in it is perhaps answered 'no, they cannot or dare not see or look within'. Exactly how the mind is structured to fixate in dissociated displacement of its own fear is different in form for each. But by such a world is our 'Soul' awareness covered over.

To a deceit-thief, a world of treachery insinuates beneath appearances - a world which is feared to rise and take back the 'power' it presumes to itself in vengeance and exposure to self-lack or nakedness.

What happens when we stop using the 'evil' or blame of such 'others' to assert and validate our own presumption to judge and attack or deny them?

'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do' is the release of the thoughts supporting a false sense of power - within whose frame, is mind used for attack in place of communication. And so a world of attack seems 'honest' and a world of love seems weak and open to predation over - as a protection racket.

The alignment under such power gives itself away by its manipulative presentation as puppets of a scripted narrative control. Or to put it another way of scripted and manipulated identities. Within one's bubble, it may seem one is making choices'. But all is filtered through the script of a shadow power - because, brought to light of true awareness, its claim to power would be undone.
Fear not the shadow, but be vigilant to the baiting of a baiting of reactive blindness. And use the recognition of the ruse to reclaim conscious alignment in a quality of communication and not a presentation attempting to make up for the lack of such quality.

World events can be read as divine illuminations of how we have chosen to use our mind or what we have chosen to give allegiance to and for what. The revealing of choice at the level of creative reconnection is freedom to choose again, rather than persist in what may be called a 'miscreative' use of the mind; of intention, attention, desire and fulfilment. Negative fulfilments are scientifically valid feedback to the basis of the 'question' asked and the 'answers' found.

The power of a wish is of capturing the willingness to persist in focusing there. An untruth, to persist must be protected at truth's expense. Perhaps it begins with a private sense of exclusion against interference, a mapping out and filtering by which to bring an image to 'life' or assign fantasy associations and make them stick. But what then goes forth to multiply itself is division, conflict and loss - (Humpty Dumpty) under the tyranny of narrative control (... and all the king's men) that would - if it could - abide in darkness, or operate under plausible deniability.

Deceits are protected from light be the 'personae' of blame redistribution. But in light - the demand for sacrifice of true and blame-assignment and 'justification' is released of whatever sense or necessity it seemed to hold in the shadow. But, the very means by which 'power' operates in the world of the sleeping, is the double edged sword above their own head.

Protection rackets can also 'protect' from exposure, any publicity that would end a career or indeed confer a worse penalty. Those who influence the decisions of any import want to back people they can trust to be compliant in key matters of scripting outcomes that consolidate 'power' as the replacement of life. The wish usurps the true will. Or does it?

In similar vein:

SOTT Comment: So is it actually 'shaking off' dependence on the psychopathic warmongers in the US or is it just another US proxy army this time in Europe??

Is not the "USA" a proxy to the 'United' State of a global agenda?

Is the 'globalist agenda' the driving power or the uprising powerlessness?

Is the global possession and control of wealth, bankruptcy?

Is narrative control the desperate shoring up or tyrannous assertion of 'necessary' illusions?

When the tares are so grown in with the roots of the crop, are they 'Too big (in terms of feared outcome) to be allowed to fail? Or is a parasitic usurping of our true being generating the conditions of its own demise, partly through the destruction of its host - but actually through the termination of the hosting service by aligning in true - despite the feared outcome?

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