Sunday, 12 November 2017

Being subject and suppressed or being moved?

Further comment into the same page as yesterday but to the sense of antipathy to globalisation:

In a teaching that I rest at one with is the saying "The ego always speaks first" but that the Holy Spirit (of a true discernment) corrects or translates through willingness for wholeness.

The Movement of being is our felt existence - whether we are aligned in appreciation or so reactively engaged in our own thinking as to be entirely 'plot-driven' in terms of the pattern of reactive identity.
Global consciousness as an expression of technological extension and interconnectedness is part of the movement or gestalt of our times - with transnational cross-fertilisation of ideas and initiatives, but, the driver of expansion - for all its face of surface beliefs in a 'better' or extended humanity- holds the marketisation and weaponisation of the movement and this operates the 'broad spectrum dominance' of a technocracy where human beings and human cultural freedoms are sacrificed to a 'greater good' as defined by the very few who by sacrifice of their own humanity, find selection and protection under the idea of 'power over life'.

As the capture, framing and engineering of our thought, the intent of globalism as  is blind and pernicious, but within its own framing it operates a protection racket or indeed an identity theft via phishing ruse. Few can see the wood for being lost among the trees - and many who do, become polarised in hate and fear against... such hate and fear that works often with a benign face or well intentioned believers who will protect their own slavery in belief it is freedom.

The key in all this is the foundational nature of our own thought. False currency - extending to 'complex financial instruments' package toxic debt as wealth, leverage and power. But it is nothing pretending to be something and defended against exposure.
Here we see the emporer's clothes - or indeed the fig-leaves over the guilted mind of those who believe they are powerless in their nakedness or self-lack - and turn their mind to deceit rather than receipt. For 'who told you you were naked?' is the enquiry that uncovers the device of deceit - that can no longer pass off as true.

The subtlety of deceit is one ahead of what we call thinking. It operates 'insider' knowledge. Currently globalism in it outer forms of technocratic 'trade deals' and 'protection' of the 'Economy' is contrasted with 'populism' framed in bigotry, zeonphobia and backwardness. Such is the nature of framing the narrative and the 'debate'. For mainstream  is not only 'consensual reality' but conforming and complying to its dictates, or else... Part of this is that language and its usage have been set in ways that make an articulation of any other narrative seem meaningless, ridiculous or discordant and dangerous.

Impotence is the checkmate of one's own mind against itself. False power operates upon the basis of establishing or outsourcing such conflict to the 'other' and setting it up for attack. Such as defining sickness as lack of and dealing dependency to supply a sense of protection that feeds sickness.

The phrase Holy Spirit may find few takers here - and archaic filtered meaning in those who do not recoil, but a true discernment is not a manufactured outcome - but the restoration and reintegration to unified purpose resulting from the innocent curiosity of seeing rather than thinking one sees, while seeing one's thinking.

Regardless the direction of my 'pointing out' may seem irrelevant to winning or defending against the evils of our day's thereof - I believe that when addiction to the narcissism of one's own thinking - and its resultant prodigal wasteland - bottoms out, some willingness will be awaken from a truly connected movement within wholeness of being. Anything-ism is identity 'politic'. Assertive identity is blind in pursuit of its private gratification. The movement that recognizes itself love moves through you and comes to you in recognition of the worth of its resonant reflection.

Can we see wholeness when everything is not only fragmented but revealed as running backwards? Not through the lens of the thinking that makes its so.

There is a monkey trap that has a gourd (presumably fixed down) with a hole large enough for the monkey's hand but not large enough for the hand to withdraw while grasping the baiting fruit.

What we want, rules. It rules out what we discard... while we want it.
If we substitute the true of our desire with a baiting illusion, we will successfully discard or ignore and forget and lose the way to even feel... our true desire - while bringing ever more 'control' to the attempt to make life work.

A global deceit masks as power - and we all play our part of the play. But the uncovering of deceit to the freedom to feel and move as we are truly moved, is a homecoming to our true inherence.

"How? how? how?" Might the reaction be. But life is not a system of control - but one can sacrifice life unto such gods for the illusion of it. Or join a music that of itself finds the balance points and harmonic relation within a wholeness. Health is wholeness in expression.
Healthy self has a sort of pun - 'heal thy self'. "How? how? how?" Might the reaction be. And here is the difficulty; it is insulting to the ego that fulfilment extends through you to an 'object of your affection' and so it 'interjects' to overlay the movement as its own power, serving its own capacity to sell and reinforce itself.

But what you accept true is - finally and always - your willingness in act - regardless how the masking personality experiences subjection. Weaning from the believed and thus compelling needs of external manipulations is the restoring of the embodiment of an inner fulfilment to our relations - each other and our world.

Where we are 'coming from' is where we are going. Our predicates define our outcomes. Being framed by an identity theft is a curriculum in an awakening of curiosity of the true movement of desire. But WHEN you choose to take this course is your own willingness. Finding willingness under the experience of fear, conflict and coercion is challenging because it calls for the pausing or resting of allegiance to reaction within it.

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