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Systems of control usurp relational being (Pharmed fear and sickness)

Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Health Care
By Peter Gøtzsche, MD

I have much appreciated Peter Gøtzsche's witness in regard to Open Dialogue therapy and psychotherapy violence and now a more open witness to the deceits and coercions of corporate sickness management.

So I commented to Peter's reply on the above page's comments but as it is an article in itself I put only the first part of this there - and the whole here.

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Thankyou for your willingness in honest witness and in rage - which I see in terms of sweeping out the Template and not in the frame of blame and sacrifice. Awakening responsibility cannot be putting the guilt of shame I feel - onto others who I might want or feel compelled to target and make them feel it. Loveless behaviour is psychologically defended against exposure and damnation or pain of penalty - often under guise of forms of benevolence. However relational honesty does not mean sympathy with false or hurtful choices and the law is all we have as a way to grow a culture of shared worth at the level of being.

The link to the free chapter no longer works. Can it be set to work again?

Anti-vitamin bias is part of the pharmed medical paradigm - and anti-nature and anti psyche too - though all framed in definitions that seem to rescue or protect.

I have seen credible reports that vitamin K2 (mk7?) sufficiency is a key with regard to the functional delivery of calcium TO bones, teeth and innate cell function - and removal FROM plaques, arteries, soft-tissue, brain etc. But the integrative and positive synergies of nutrition are much more complex than the pharmed medical model that sees separate parts acting on separate parts and its separate manual intervention as 'heroic'. There are no separations - so much as energetic relations within and of a wholeness that includes - and embodies the psyche of relational being - which is a constellation rather than a conceptual fragmentation seeking validation in its own terms.

Re: Industrial collectivised diet:
Yes Big Ag/Food cannot be separated from Pharma - even our 'healthy veg' may be mineral or nutritionally deficient - and contain man-made toxins. I see a negative synergy of a falsely segregative mind -in the idea of 'power over' rather than power shared. Imposed system rather than relational balance of a genuine dialogue.

So you wrote in your books introduction:
"If you don’t think the system is out of control, please email me and explain why drugs are the third leading cause of death in the part of the world that uses most drugs".

I felt the way you define it is illuminating the problem which I would say is understated - for I believe if one sees the root cause AS the 'system of control' (Embodying the definitional structure of our currency of thought) - then this also is the key factor beneath heart disease and cancers - because a relational balance is both the stress AND its naturally embracing or clearing accompaniment. But a systematic or rule based and conditioned assertion or imposition locks the stress in place by means of defending against it - and sets up a negative of fear-based rigidity in the fear of re-lived pain of loss as IF a positive idea of survival under threat - or maintaining function under duress. This switches our chemistry and consciousness to run on stress and lose relational awareness; the feeling of being. Felt presence. Health in wholeness.

Protected fear, structures our mind and society, in defence against such awareness.
I did not find your email address but expand this response to the idea 'system out of control' to consider that corruption of true is not a blame-shame perpetuity, so much as loss of true currency of thought and communication to adulterations, subverted meanings and derivative impressions and associations that usurp or 'capture' our mind. The sacrifice of joy in life under false pretences brings dissonance and false or misguided attempts to block, eradicate or overcome dissonance. But true correction uncovers the underlying error of mis-taken identity to a current re-connection and recognition of shared or extending presence.

Releasing 'old' and no longer serving systems of control upon which we have become psycho-emotionally dependent (with physically experienced reinforcements), is the same patterning as releasing drug addictions or even relational patterns of support that change. I hold that the true movement of our being is NOT dependent upon joining in fear, hate or rage against perceived evils, and so the evils of our 'day thereof' must become the basis of a deeper undefended honesty of being - within ourself as with each other. But that must is my own acceptance - and not a basis to 'correct' another in evasion of  my true acceptance.

I feel that the mechanistic anti-relational paradigm (mind-in act) is an evasion of attempted escape from psychic emotional conflict that is in a sense vowed NEVER to be relived or allowed back into a 'walled off' system of control based upon it. This makes for 'kill the Messenger'. It also makes for the sacrifice of truth and life to maintain a sense of private control as the structural belief out of which we seem compelled to operate. In your discipline, you have become aware of a part of how this 'works'. I do not see it is really about money in itself - but it is about power for its own sake and yet that idea of power is itself corrupted.

I see our identities have been 'phished' to run on false or wishful pretenses. "Coming off them" has to be a 'coming out' - not as an identity seeking validation - but as an extension of worth in true witness.

Open Dialogue will not be allowed to fruit healing under fear-framed or blame thinking - which is more structurally pervasive than at first we see. In living FROM its terms, we do not notice it for that is part of its invoked purpose; not to know. Nor then do we notice that it generates a biased and distorted experience of the life that we cannot successfully NOT be. But denial can and does lose awareness within masking personae, over undercurrents of dissonance in mutually defined and packaged  and 'outsourced' or re-packaged guilt.  This runs as normal social adaptation within a world in 'power struggle' under threat, to excludes to protect a segregative sense of self separateness - subjecting or in power over, and subjected or victim - both. But this is joyless self sacrifice to what doesn't and cannot work - except - as a denial or invalidation of existence in the guise of acting out fantasy gratifications of false association. Joy is of a true foundation or truly Felt currency of being. Perhaps we must 'choose' what we truly are and feel to be, to displace the habit of an old choice to be something 'else' that does not work or make sense to who we discover ourselves to be.

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