Wednesday, 31 May 2017

When the insane run the asylum

This is one of the videos of a conference around Peter C Gøtzsche's book and movement:

my comment:

Definitions are primary to all that then follows - so look at everything with new eyes so as not to run 'habit-choices' that do not really serve you. The power to assert and define has been given to - and taken by - corporately captured state power as a development of the idea of power and protection. Marketshare is 'mindshare' and that what we take to be our mind needs to be paused and challenged to its veracity - if we accept our true humanity. Be vigilant for your peace. (Regardless any symptoms to the contrary).

We learn to fit and adapt to the world as part of our survival but it is a world defined by lovelessness or else we would not have needed to mask in defence - a mask that then becomes 'offensive' as part of a loveless world set over and against our Feeling being - without which no amount of scientific 'knowledge' has any basis in truth. A re-integrated unified heart and mind is free of the need to use the energy of denied Feeling being to maintain the emotional block against knowing as an emotion backed pretence to judge over.
To see the expression and communication of Feeling as manipulation is to have no capacity to abide one's own being and to resort to projection onto the other as a means of asserting a pretence of self that gets all its energy from the truth it denies.

The use of science - or the form of any purposed intent - as a mask or indeed a trojan by which to pass off the false and get from wholeness by deceit , is a Faustian pact. But the recognition of such act - IF NOT USED for guilt - allows the release of a false foundation. But guilt compels the mind (or is a tyrannous mind) that does not allow seeing or listening for only punishment is due to guilt - and if that is equated with a loveless or threatening 'other' or world - it will be fought against and resisted at any price.

So rage is needed to activate a clearing within me of what has no belonging - now that I have recognized it is illegitimate or false or not representative of who I feel, know and prefer to be. Thanks but NO thanks! This is part of releasing our part in a lovelesness that becomes a point of true witness - for love is the abiding with what is true - and not a special form of doing to validate ourself at expense of anyone.

Your mind is not your friend - if you let it lead you. It is not enough to SAY it serves the good of humanity or some war against evil or sickness or whatever. Resting the mind is finding renewal - naturally. But a restless mind demand something be done - that only adds to confusion even if it seems to buy some time. The Feeling of Being is the knowing of existence. But aligning in this is a re-training that is a different way of living - and yet uncovering that is uncovering our lives and not something to do before we can resume our lives.

There is much that is hidden and while it is hidden we see a fragmented and incoherent picture. But in any moment of willingness, any part of the whole will Speak of Wholeness. Aligning in joy of wholeness is the state in which the problem either does not exist or resolves to practical steps. So where is joy when the mind, emotion and physical is a torment? It is in the choice to not act from these (in any significant sense), but to (in whatever way works or can be found) abide in a state of yielding to being - rather than surrendering to the mind. Being in this sense is what CANNOT BE FELT while the mind is thus triggered - and so the unconditional willingness or desire for the truth of our being is the release of conflict - and not the attempt to get rid of it. No one can release what first they have not - at least momentarily - owned.

A sense of self-specialness is always associated with a 'fall' into conflict with truth - that truth does not partake of. But the unique signature vibration of your being is not better or worse, more or less than anything or anyone - and that is recognisably and tangibly felt. A true sense of worth, lived from, appreciates or grows. It also naturally extends and recognizes in others.
That the tares have grown amidst the wheat is what brings to the time of harvest... of a true discernment. Living from and within being is not the same as living from a sense of lack that calls on power to regain itself as an act of further dis-empowerment. But if you cannot feel your existence without a sense of a guiding and embracing power - then let than be a way of growing permission to feel your being rather than a giving up of sovereignty to a wish to escape responsibility as if it was blame - and as if you could - or want to - in your right mind.

The capacity of recognition and response is the embodying of experience and so awakened response is a stirring of the true. I'm using a lot of words - but only to invite a wordless and felt stirring within. Everything is always the foundation. Get first things first and all else follows. Feeling and desire became manipulative in reaction to being overridden, abused and denied by an assertive quickness of a guilting mind- for all things need the light of acceptance to play their part in wholeness of being. The acceptance of guilted being is disempowerment. Remorse of an act in error corrects and humbles to a deeper honesty. But guilt draws penalty unto itself as a hidden sense of unworthiness - that then projects to its world. The collective entanglement in guilt and fear-manipulation has an ancient past - but has it any true presence? A world of symptoms that seem to prove it - yes - but are we forever attacking and displacing symptoms in evasion of our cause?

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