Saturday, 27 May 2017

Blame vs Responsibility

After 'meeting' Peter Gøtzsche in inspiring videos on 'dialogue therapy' and then again recently here in a 7m exposure of big pharma as organized crime
I looked him up in a search and alighted in a rebuttal to one of his detractors on David Healy's site.

I commented into this again on blame:

I salute such as David Healy and Peter Gøtzsche - in an inspirational recognition but not as a separating separateness of transference etc.

The one dissonance I felt in Peter's rebuttal is the use of the word 'blame'.
I invite the considering of using the word 'responsibility' - and keeping this in a context of addressing and correcting error rather than guilting. I am not suggesting NOT to prosecute criminal acts.

I wrote on a correction culture rather than a blame culture only an hour ago - when checking out Ben Goldacre's site and following a random link to his article on whistleblowing.

Attempts to smear, slander and lie in an act of denial and suppression to effectively persist violence or toxicity upon others can bring up feelings of hatred and rage - perhaps mixed with impotence. I believe it is sane to feel what we feel - but not allow a state of reaction to frame our perception until brought to an integration. In this is MY need for healing actively engaged - for vengeance is the nature of hate given justification and I see that that is divisive and conflicting to me - and plays support for those who fear that truth is vengeance rather than healing by the undoing or correcting errors believed real.

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