Friday, 3 June 2016

Conspiracy to govern?

Social Networks Show They Work for Government, not Private Sector

My comment:

If any area of R&D is likely to yield weaponisable or marketisable advantage - then funding will be aligned for the purpose of directing or subverting the nursery so as to abort any threat or usurp and control any asset of seeming opposition or divergence. The flipside that drives it runs the belief that if you don't get there first your 'enemies' or rivals will. Survival instinct harnessed to insane or hateful appreciations of existence operates a 'Luciferian agenda'.
The oppositional agenda has a built-in sense of enmity for it hates its own Life while directing hate anywhere but to the receptive acceptance of hate as love's denial. That is the last thing that such hate would allow - better to die and take all else with us than be undone of 'will and power' to the Feeling of Existence Itself!

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 Isefree said )commenting to the article):

"We have recently launched a Daily Bell Facebook page, so "like" us there to get the latest news right in your newsfeed."

Why would you want a Facebook page if you believe Facebook is just a tool of US intelligence agencies?
My response:

Putin suggested the Internet itself is a CIA creation - but its usage as a medium of communication means it is where attention is being directed and if you want to be found you have to be somewhere findable in current terms.

Verbal mental language is a device of a separative competing and conflicting war-mindedness in which true relational communication is often lost to or covered over by imposed rules and meanings of a divide and rule mentality - yet using words does not mean allegiance to such mentality - and Jesus use of the tricks and deceits of the agents of the establishment of his day to communicate beneath their radar to the true nature of awakened responsibility is a worthy example.

Tools can have unintended consequence - and what was intended to harm others will inevitably turn to hurt the wielder.
"As ye sow, so shall ye reap" seems a threat to the fearful who would deceive - but is simply a reminder of the nature of Mind to the thoughts we accept true for us within it.

Is anything 'just' one intended meaning? - Or is it serving agenda beyond the current scope of perception?
Is this 'devil' of hates and deceits really 'controlling' human destiny - or is it a role within a larger revelation unfolding? If we give power to the bad guy - we can seem less guilty than they and also somewhat righteous in opposing them. That's enough for most; a bit of relief from pain and a boost of power within a sense of powerlessness. Lather rinse and repeat...

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