Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Intent to eradicate and deny Human Existence

Eerie Silence about a New World War
By John Pilger

As the U.S. government plunges toward war with nuclear-armed Russia and/or China, there is an unsettling silence — or unnerving consensus — regarding the potential extinction of human existence, as John Pilger observes.
My comment:

The pervasive nature of the deceits and hateful  - I could say 'evil' acts that are so persistent as to be the reality beneath a veneer of pretence - defies unravelling - for the complexity of the conditioning and resultant identities in operation is too much part of our patterning of consciousness - our sense of self - our basis for thinking. Of course we each don't believe WE are part of the problem - for despite appearances we feel justified in who we are embodying and acting forth to be. Victims of circumstance who are unable and unwilling to question their own consciousness - because conditioned reaction runs in place of conscious presence - or rather masks and filters and distorts so as to operate a false presentation within a falsely framed perception.

As for the 'agenda' of the lovelessly deceived, I believe there is a hidden intent to destroy Earth that corresponds to the oppositional refusal or unwillingness to embrace Life on Earth in any terms but total victory - which is a fantasy ideal that no form of embodiment can ever fulfil.

I applaud a willingness to witness truly amidst a culture of deeply driven deceits but feel the practical point of change is not at the behaviour level - of effects - but at the definitional level - of tacitly or openly accepted ideas and meanings that conflict with the true of who we are. False currency generates insane outcomes. The currency of our Thought is largely hidden within and beneath the 'human conditioning' which is a verb of acted choices out from ideas that reinforce their original imprint.

I sense a general loss of consciousness as we approach a nexus of transformation that seems to split many ways. Lost to fragmentation and conflicted dilution and adulteration of presence. Even if this sense of being shocked, numbed, bewildered and paralysed as prey for the harvesting by predatory 'others' it is still our own individual - and therefore together responsibility to uphold and value our liberty, as an integrity of being - and not a set of rules to war under.

The confusion of the 'thinking' persona with true individuality is a kind of mind fragmentation along with mind-controllers. The deceiver operates almost unnoticed - but where there is noticing - an eerie silence contrasts with every kind of sideshow noise.

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