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The Collective Experiment is Earth

The Collective Experiment on Earth

#1 Overlooking Individual Experience within a limited concept of individuality:

"The individual has been overlooked".

This is only believable and experience-able within a collectivist redefinition of individuality.

Individuality is not a body OR a mind OR feelings - but the balanced embrace AND transcendence of an Indivisibility.

Running a COPY in concept-mind opens to the warring of conflicting concepts in division - and all the experience of such a focus with limiting definition. But a definition is never the Thing Itself - which remains indivisible - regardless the or perspective that any definition opens as experience.

All thinking is in the terms and the nature of its foundation. We seem to have two foundations competing: one is self-concept and the other is a prior quality or integrity of being that operates the reintegration of self identification within concept to an expansion of Re-Cognition and Re-membering. Looking for this in the 'world' is reinforcing the belief it is not already true of You.

Getting your head around this is the wrong direction excepting to realize the call to deeply and truly release the attempt to get ahead of yourself - which is the belief or fear in a sense of lack or loss or a missed appointment.

What is the 'problem' is a unique opportunity for me to recognize something in myself that is out of true in my beliefs about my self, my mind, my world?

When painted into a corner, the only direction left is Consciousness itself. Not in concept - but energetically - for we are already being 'lived and breathed' not by 'Other' but by an Individuality that has been overlooked, redefined, ad actively denied - and even 'crucified' - that is - reviled and hated and 'killed'.

Symbol is a living focusing Idea, but once idolized in place of the Living, degenerates to concept. "Concept Floors Carpets and Blinds" as a shop sign in my locality announces. But that is not a call for anti concept - but for a shift upstream to a Living Perspective. Capital letters - like any other conceptual language can only 'point' to what is currently being overlooked - until the distractive fascination fades to allow awareness to rise to consciousness - though really it is the other way around.

Is the whole 'matrix-illusion' idea just another clever way to stay focused in struggle so as to keep the 'warrior' in righteous self-employ? Yes and No. Because it is always our choice as to what purpose we use anything for - and while we focus on what everyone ELSE is thinking or doing - we overlook our Individuality. But we have not 'left or lost' it - we are choosing to focus in and act out from an idea in which lack and loss are inherent.

When something communicates this sense of lack and division, there is always something needy, coercive and artfully contrived to persuade or appeal. One does not need a process in logic once one is aligned in wholeness - but the mimicry of the self-in-concept can seem to be unquestionably right when it is mistaken. Better to know the full feeling of relaxed and open communication that tells you you are truly present than ideas of right and wrong. What is true for us in any given moment is the discernment of an outcome of a balanced appreciation. Inner undefendedness in honesty of being automatically aligns what is needed in imagination, synchronicity and feedback as an unfolding communication of Individualty within Wholeness. For the One is in All as All are in One. Self-specialness is no less so in negative terms - and always segregates the self-sense from the Relational Richness of the Whole.

I only meant to add the first paras - but my interest and aliveness in such consideration is where I find a 're-cognition and re-membering' that transfers to washing dishes and perhaps more deeply - embracing the 'negative' states within a truly felt willingness - without coercion that insists or demands they change - in order to find validation or validate my world-view. I feel this to be an active release of self-judged invalidity - regardless of its social or collective reinforcements.

Truth rises of itself unless something else is actively pushing it down - including the clever attempt to 'fight its cause'.

#2 Reclaiming Sovereignty of free willingness:

Perhaps... you are painted into a corner because you don't yet see you are in the version of Earth that corresponds exactly to the vibrational frequency of your thought - and that Infinity includes all versions or parallel realities of everything imaginable - but that your unique 'experiment/exploratory themes' will always align you in those that serve the purpose you are currently being served in.
What is the purpose that aligns your thought and desire? Is it truly aligned with who you feel and know yourself to be? Or is it conflicted and self-limiting and dense in its openness to communication and therefore heavy and dark? Look to your world and to your feeling for your brother and know by your fruits what you are holding within your current definitions or it could not manifest in and as your experience. No blame here - simply idea out of true with who you prefer to be. So instead of wresting, struggling and getting frustrated with the reflection. Use it to correct your own creative alignment with being - that you cannot help or stop being - however you use that creative capacity to seem to experience yourself and your world to be. It's up to you.

That what you desire - by focussing in and bringing forth - is the simple truth, can also be hidden in the usurping or distortion of desire with fears and judgements given energy and attention as if you desired them - whereby your active desire is mow masked by a surface persona that may be completely unaware of what you are actually calling forth, by virtue of identifying in thoughts that seem to hide or protect you from a feared consequence.

Reclaiming sovereignty of will - Free Willingness - will never come from coercion or deceit - no matter HOW justified you may feel. In fact coercion and deceit comes back at you without your recognition that it is your shouting into the cave that brings back this echo.

If you keep shouting - it is because it serves your current definition of yourself or you simply would not do it. Everything is serving us each -  and as the collective shared agreement - that each always has within the Idea of themselves. there is no separation - but within the exploration of the experience of separation hell operates the agreements of lovelessness in forms that prevent waking to the communication and meaning that is always shared through forms - not AS them.

The meaning you receive from anything is all the meaning you give to it. If you try to fake yourself - that meaning will adulterate and usurp your simple honesty of self-communication and in one way or another - the waking from the faking is the world I am living right now  - and sharing with the version of you that is in this 'reality' with me. For we all communicate through inner versions of everyone and everything. There is no outside - but there is the power and the intimacy of sharing - where the meeting of two or more opens a transcendent third.

The way out of the false matrix is to recognize you are not in it - and act from that knowing - and so grow that awareness rather than lose it to the 're-assertion' of habit. The 'real world' is thus harvested from the release of the false - and reflects what is true of you - no matter what anyone else thinks or does - unless they trigger your word or judgement on yourself. That's where the issue is. Not what 'they' say - not getting their say changed in any way.

I write this here because I feel you open the space in which it can be said and considered. Resonance with who you truly are is different from reinforcement of who you are struggling to be.

The Journey is the point of Life - that is living it wholly - which is not cramming or haste but having the time you need to be who you are. Of course there is challenge in meeting the negative aspects of our consciousness. Crisis is generally how humans access the willingness to change.
Someone said: "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would get done" - however - it is both and individual and a collective or relational issue as to a sense of no where else to go or the ground disappearing from beneath one's feet or a total melt-down. Everyone has a pain threshhold at which they either change or refuse to play - but that pain is not inflicted by Life on the poor individual - although that is the human narrative that masks deeper correspondences than we generally allow.

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