Friday, 15 April 2016

Drawn from the Panama Hat?

Botched Panama Papers Leak Has Unintended Consequences for the Elite
Daily Bell Editorial

One of the possibilities arising from ability to hack or surveil others is to set up 'leaks' in order to further political agenda. It appears initially that for all the bulk of info - this is such a psyop by which everyone with hidden or obscured assets has been told they can be 'outed' and the mob primed to legally force such transparency. While this may seem good up to a point, having all transactions made transparent to power that is itself opaque and unaccountable is totalitarian.

#1 Comment:

The idea that toppling the idol (identity mythology) reveals the truth is only realised by a desire for truth. Desire for vengeance or indeed reinstatement as a subtler mythological variation on the theme is otherwise automatic - because the desire for truth is not part of any world-given 'identity'.
I sense the 'witchhunt will be used to shoehorn forcing transparency of assets on citizens and businesses alike - though in practice the law seems to work or be applied differently to citizens than transnationals.

Corporate entities and legal tax avoidance are both defined by law. And it is there that more truly aligned definitions need to replace automatically destructive outcomes - as a result of elitist and exceptionalist cartel creation.

#2 Comment

Soros is involved in funding of such, as in funding of so much else. Hatred is obviously fuelling the bipartisan illusion of US politics - and some incite and fund it. But hating the person is always reflecting something personal in the hater - whereas hating the falsity or illegitimacy of a deceit or a false notion, is natural to a love of truth.
Many hate anything that does not conform to or support the world as they imagine and want it to be - but that is to be so self-centred as to wish to have absolute power over all others. This is normal for an imaginary rage-driven agenda - and billions who engage it are the botnet for a cold light to manipulate such reaction to serve its agenda through your 'free' choices.

#3 Comment

"...such individuals are suffering from a serious mental disorder
in need of medication..."

Please! Note how without knowing it, you are aware of the 'treatment' the state metes out to what it defines as 'a medical' disorder.

If people act in a disorderly way, there are already existing laws and procedures that pertain.

To take on the 'mindset of state coercion' in such a manner is to reveal its thought is your own.

Relational issues are psycho-emotional and have physical consequences. They are not physical diseases requiring Transglobal pharmaceuticals to provide 'treatment' for. - especially under the coercion of the state and overriding the willing consent of the other-defined 'sick' citizen. But if a citizen breaks the law - then his liberty may be checked and the matter brought to trial. That is where the balance for liberty in society is served by the state. In a justice system serving the balance of willingness for liberty at other's expense is coercion or deceit is it not?

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