Friday, 15 April 2016

Guardians keep the EU Spinning

The Guardian view on Mr Corbyn’s newfound enthusiasm for Europe:
a mark of more mature leadership (sic)

'Mature' meaning adapted to align with the status quo - or 'reflecting popular opinion'?
What a strange use of the term.
The EU is a curious carrot and stick - and the carrot of centrally planned collectivism seems sweet to Corbyn when it comes to 'rights' given out by the EU State. But the stick is that the Corporate Cartels and globalists who draft and assert such as TTIP (which is not a trade agreement so much as a transfer of power to the Corporate sector and the 'banksterism' that effectively controls the worlds money supply and has just about everyone indebted or under and undue degree of dependence and thus limitation of freedom to act.

The role of the State is unquestioned by the Left - who presume to engineer fairer society via statute - but are led down the rabbi hole to a mad party.
Meanwhile the dominant Corporates infiltrate and in effect become the State and engineer society to pay for its own destruction whilst such predators strip out more wealth as they break open and expose any remaining assets.
The Corporate/State is lawlessness given power to remake the law in its own image. The issue of sovereignty of Will is that of our willing consent. National Sovereignty is believed to be dead or about to be discarded for 'regionalism' in which the power behind the Globalist State sets the terms by which you 'live'. You will have no real voice - excepting in sideshows of no matter. You will learn what not to question. You will 'mature' as an obedient citizen or be 'treated for your disorder.
I joined Labour just to vote Corbyn for his refreshing absence of spin-sickness. But polarising against the 'Tories' is an absurd posture in relation to what is actually being done to us, under our noses, using our own money and manipulating our own sense of 'free will' to support it - by Tweedledee and Tweedledum who really ought to look up from their quarrel and unite in a common humanity that withholds allegiance from such inhumanities as are masked with carrot and stick diversion.
I am all for sharing - but as I understand the term - coercive force is not the agency of sharing - but of extortion and control - perhaps more 'fairly' under good-cop but the bad cop is the underside that works the same agenda.
Communication - honourably engaged - affords an honest outcome that serves a sense of all voices heard. Our parliament conforms to the outer formalities of honour but honest communication is the first casualty of warring behind such masking.
Whatever system of governance we adopt or accept it NEEDs genuine communication to Be Governance. Mere top-down dictate is out-of-touch and seeks to use 'control' to replace messy human communication and dialogue, and becomes ever more unreal as a mask of managing and controlling perceptions that have no grounding in  anything real  and so power for its own sake hollows our our culture and our capacity for Life on Earth - whilst providing dreams for electric sheep.

The Tories wont get their EU ticket for corporate plunder without the state religion and the Socialists wont get their EU ticket for society ruled by a system of 'State Decreed Rights' without discovering the State gives them none to escape being farmed and managed by corporate plunder. The State will reign in such plunder once 'national identities' have been erased. The State will make, change, enforce, ignore or any law for any reason or none - because nothing and no one will have any capacity to challenge it or hold it in check. It only operates as a 'state' that embodies agenda of the power lobbies behind it. The idea that each polarity has to get rid of the other, is what prevents an alliance in common Humanity - and market follow suit. Selling common 'market' to force political subordination to an unelected technocratic 'state' is a conspiracy fact!
Yeah, and with the UK on the outside looking in, having to follow all the regulations if we want to be a trading partner but having no input in deciding those regulations!

Please read up on the TTIP - drafted and forcibly injected by faceless technocrats - except it is being shoehorned in by guile and stealth.
If you really believe that the actors who play out roles to manage popular perception have any real power you are mistaken.
Globalism has been and is inexorably insinuating and imposing itself through very disciplined and subtly designed manipulations. Perhaps you would prefer to be 'in' a totalitarian collective so as to 'have a voice'. I prefer to have a voice from a sense of free willingness that is more than open to mutual benefits and shared initiatives - but not to being tricked and forced into legal servitude and impoverishment under state religion - for so it is.

Out we get TTIP foisted on us too. Do you seriously imagine we'll get access to US markets etc without TTIP?

TTIP is one raft of an unchecked corporate lawlessness - for they are neither accountable or responsible to any power - yet claim the rights of 'persons' when it suits. This is one reason to want global governance - but not in a form or under the jurisdiction of inhuman and destructive 'outsourcing of costs' as pain, poverty, misery and destruction. And this for the 'hit' of power and privilege of an elitism at everyone else's expense.
Humanity is not threatened by 'climate change' but by pervasive deceit and corruption. You get access according to your allowed rank or status in usefulness and conformity to the power that can limit your access if you don't play the game.
I say that game is not worth the candle - and so I suggest a crash course in radical re-education as to what and who we truly are - and no longer trust  corrupted institutions that predate upon us instead of joining in a shared purpose. I know they SAY words that sound well-intentioned but we are at best being abandoned by those who don't know how to come out and say they don't know - and so sell their Souls to spinning lies by which to play out roles in a dream that is already turned to nightmare - and there is nothing to check this 'race to the bottom' from pretenders and well wishing.

Shadow power rules by the division with whatever you are currently defining yourself against. A true presence manifests through what you are wholly aligned in and for.
Vote FOR Sovereignty of Will. Watch the power of fear being leveraged to invoke your fears, shames and inadequacies. learn about the deceiver and how it does not truly belong in you, as your voice. Don't take the bait. Put it behind you by wholly embracing life in what you are - not in conflicted sense of what you fear to be.

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