Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Emporer's New Drugs

Kelly Brogan is an articulate and energetically communicative voice for functional approaches to medicine - This was one of many videos of hers I dropped in on - that touches on the false and failed paradigm of pharmacological intervention as the basis and exclusive model of defining and addressing sickness.
And it prompted these responses.

An overview on the Emperor's New Drugs is very readably conveyed in "Anatomy of an Epidemic" by Robert Whitaker. Stephanie Seneff's approach uncovers the positive attempts of the body to maintain function amidst scarcity, stress and dysfunction. Rather than seeing a system as something to be fixed, recognizing a living relational intelligence that we can align with rather than work against in blind belief we are 'fixing it'. Fear grows out of control when 'fixed' by masking or hiding its symptoms. The emperor's fig leaf thinking operates the denial and suppression of the Obvious in the fearful belief that exposure = shame and pain and loss of self. We have to give ourself permission to Feel what we feel and find within that movement a better perspective than a false and blind sense of 'control - of the hateful or unwanted, that now threatens Our Biosphere as well as the capacity to embody true Consciousness of Life on Earth.ˇ˛

This writing unfolded from a phrase Kelly said about not knowing how the gut does what it does. Maybe it doesn't resonate with you. That's ok. Go with what does.
The link between thought - and I mean emotion backed thought - not conceptual narcissism - and the body/world reflection/response is generally hidden from us - partly because focusing in the thought of independence from and dominion OVER Life, NEEDS it hidden in order to have that experiential perspective. And so what we often believe and engage in as thought - which I just called conceptual narcissism, operates to mask the relational awareness of true communication - and the mask is the screen of a constantly shifting narrative that reflects and projects the idea of power to determine and to define, to predict and to control.
Emotions are response to definitions accepted or focussed in thought that then elicit a body reinforcement - the mental, emotional and physical operating as one purpose of an experience of unfolding Purpose or Spirit. When emergent self concept is overwhelmed or unbalanced in its capacity to receive and express the emotional charge, its assertion and defence generates a split Mind with denied or suppressed Feeling that is backed up upon the Feeling Will as a sense of oppositional Will that must be denied by a mis-identifying self-concept and effectively forced onto Body. Now is there the reconfiguring of the emotional and physical body and from the function of reinforcement and embodiment of the focus in thought into the role of blameworthy block to re-creational desire and the cause of dissonance, imbalance. But the effects are in fact faithful feedback to a mind that is narcissistically fascinated in its own thought - as if to separate off from relational 'disturbance and hold a private assertion of self above all else.
To the self-concept, anything that cannot be accounted for in terms of predictability and control, is dangerous, and so regardless of whether anything is actually true, it has to first find conformity within a pattern of thought to have acceptance. meanwhile the assertions of control and the stifling of spontaneity of feeling and being to conformity increase unpredictability and loss of control - escalating to crisis in which either a re-integrative shift of self-concept opens a healed perspective or an reinforced self-concept further fragments into density of denial, fear and control.
I began writing this because the subtler communications of the Bodymind - are aligned with and one with our Felt Existence. To reclaim or restore to a conscious awareness that had become defined by a conceit of private conceptual assertions - regardless how socially 'consensual' such agreements and definitions are in asserting and defending 'private minds'.
Disembodied thinking is not thinking but an idea of reversal and regression that meets an experience of 'dead matter' and random mutations as a chaos to be mapped, tamed and replaced with a model of ... manual control over Life - which taken to its conclusion is a victory in death. "We got the cancer - even if we couldn't save the patient!"
Re-connecting to and reintegration with true Feeling is the awakening of the true Feminine - of receptivity AND reflectivity. Embodying a true reflection is a balance in the heart of gut feeling that is received in the mind as fully felt Life embodiment - in which the sense of self is defined within Life's Living relational being rather than conceived as something apart and imposed upon the Flow of Communication.
Listening to gut intuition, heart intuition and higher mind intuition - as one embodiment is a different quality of focus than our habitual model. But we are inherently a focus of communication within a Field of Communication that has seemingly lost the capacity to Feel that quality of communication as a result of a strange kind of thinking arising out of an imprint of overwhelmed dissociation.
The 'state of our world' is increasingly revealing our separation trauma to us - and the dissociative attempts to 'control' it. This is the call and the opportunity for healing an Ancient misidentification within a Felt willingness in which symptoms become messengers rather than enemies.

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