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Capitalizing on dishonesty

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Trump: Another Manchurian Candidate?

I came across a great phrase in comment section elsewhere in which the term 'conspiracy theory' was reduced to ... capitalizing on dishonesty.
Honesty can be mimicked and used as a weapon or a trojan - but then it isn't honesty so much as calling the lie in others or elsewhere.
An elitist establishment may be seen, perceived or believed to be all kinds of things - but one I notice is of giving them much more power than they have where they haven't, and not having a clue how powerful they are where we don't even see it. For it operates through our own unrecognized and largely unconscious fears.

Anyone group seriously forward looking desire to hold or expand power of influence will work with incorporating and using any variations of plan and hedge bets accordingly. I aim at neither power or influence in oppositional terms but consider any apparent negative event in a desire to define it so as to serve a positive outcome - as a dedication to detach from what is not honestly belonging or true of me.

I'm not in the USA but I resonate with the desire for humanity that may express itself in all kinds of alloys that are reactive, fearful, or hateful. My sense is when stripped of all that is false - all that doesn't belong - the original stands clear. This is often a humiliation in personality terms but honesty acknowledged and valued is true humility.

My sense of elitism is of warring vanity (personality inflation) that sacrifices or denies truth : Honesty - for power in whatever terms the sense of lack of it defines. That's the 'Pact' by which we each in various ways come into some sense of power from a sense of lack - or powerlessness.
But awakening to and breaking with that pact is the recognition of a deceit and a realigning in spontaneous reintegration as a result of releasing such a forcefully pervasive sense of need for control.

The most clever manipulators of directing history are more than capable of running a variety of 'games' simultaneously - AND of funding them all. Money is nothing to them excepting to control it and use it as a means of control. WHY? is another matter. I'm not saying there are not all kinds of self-justifications - but those are what the mind serves up in place of Honesty - and for which the true of our Humanity is sacrificed.

Having read a bit of how Hitler was anticipated, then supported and used, I say that there are those whose grasp of human psychology goes all the way down where most of us recoil from - but that they do not recognize it is also the Feedback they need to restore their original nature - their true power - but that self-concept denies it them - or else they would serve the living rather than rule the dead.

Bruce >>> C. binra

You've brought up allusions to Hitler and Stalin before and I assume you're referring to Trump since he's usually the subject at hand when you do.

I've heard about Hitler's backing but I don't get any analogy with him and Trump. The US is not like Germany was in the 1930s and Hitler was a "nobody." Trump is not scapegoating like Hitler did, nor has he been in politics for years paving "his" way, and nor has he been receiving funding for years.

If I had to choose an analogy it would be between Stalin and Clinton. Stalin was Lenin's Secretary of State and he placed his cronies in various branches of the government so by the time Stalin gained "the Presidency" he had his goon squad already in place.

binra >>> Bruce C.

I don't assign power to personalities and so I use the 'Hitler' theme as the motif of the one who is hoped to, and promises to save a wronged, abused and downtrodden nation from the international conspiracy and corruption within. Hitler achieved a huge change for Germany and Germans before became entangled in expanding wars that it could not and win and was not allowed to surrender out of. How much of that was due to the support of the international globalists operating through the corruption within Hitler? I don't know - but he started off with appealing to a sense of national pride that had the shadow of supremacy - of elitism - of exceptionalism.

Hitler saw power as struggle (war) and communication as a tool to leverage outcomes (propaganda and dictate) - and within the allegiance and conformity to his ideas, he was an enigma of many faceted humanity. His example remains coveted in secret because he at least seemed to achieve power but apparently overplayed his hand. I sense he lost much of that power to those immediately around him - for the opportunism that amasses around such a call to power is not that of free willingness and humanity. Power-seekers do not make bonds of intimacy - but of alliance that serves private self interest.

I have not engaged much with the personalities of the election campaign (circus?). I read the signs of the times. Whether they know it or not, the establishment set this up as sure as eggs is eggs. Because, when you suppress and provoke people enough there will be reaction, and there is the power source with which to break even deeper into the Life force of the host. Power - in that sense - is deceitfully gotten by inducing others to deny it in themselves in the act of reaching out to the 'power to save them'.

I do believe that we need to reach out of and break an isolated sense of attempting to prevail in the framing of private struggle as if 'mein kampf' (my struggle) gives meaning to an otherwise meaningless or humiliating existence. In other words to reach out and restore a sense of true worth and meaning where it otherwise suffers division and diversion into a loss of worth that invokes the will to power and struggle in futility and woe that comes sooner or later.

The Bolshevik group planned and executed their version of 'communism' amidst the welling up of an oppressed serfdom in desire for a more human way to live - and if I recall - they were sent off from London with considerable financial backing.

Against the power that 'rules the world' is no real resistance that does not feed it. But that 'world' is framed in the idea of worthlessness and struggle for power - and it is that framing of a false self concept that I feel to challenge - not to struggle with the symptoms that automatically ensue.

Anyone can 'believe' they are serving the people - but celebrities can believe what their fans project onto them - and become addicted to it and play it out. These transactions operate bubble realities that only run upon the willingness to override or dissociate from real relationships.

The US IS like Germany - in that it has been usurped and used before being hollowed out and destroyed. Different regions have different roles to play. And in many ways US is run by the same corporate-financial cartels of power - because although there are families and organisations that span many generations of such focus, the real nature of it is the idea beneath it. Who controls the narrative to set the meanings can run the mind of any thinking that partakes of false currency.

This notion of power will always war within and upon itself until all movement ceases - or until the idea that undermines a true appreciation of Existence is itself revealed meaningless. The apparent 'in between' is to allow only enough creativity to feed off of. If the game starts to expose then it has to kill the host and infect a new world order.

To what degree does ANYONE truly harness possess or achieve power? What you would use - uses you.What you give out, comes back. Looking at the feedback to read the signs of what is going out from me un-recognized, is different from reading the world as an enmity of evil intent that must be taught a lesson or indeed eradicated.

The brain literally programs pathways like tramlines and our linguistic pathways become the persistence of ancient hatreds - acting out over and over again. It runs like a machine. There's no love of life in it - but mere symbols of love, freedom or power lost.

Such symbols are all part of driving a negative emotional drive to power - it is hatred - one way or another.

When any of the innate qualities of being are rejected as a result of being misperceived, then self concept usurps real relationship and self-righteousness rides roughshod over the denied.

Whatever the script that runs - there are two fundamentally exclusive ways to read it, and by the fruits we know our own choice. Or we don't recognize our own choice and suffer as if victim to another. But before the angry brigade leap to defend all the poor from being blamed for choosing powerless on top of experiencing the same - I state that the level at which choice really operates is in the recognition of what is already operating - NOT at the level of personality that is framed in a false set of choices to keep it thus.

So anything that leans into a core honesty and integrity of being is in the willingness to release a false notion of power and open to what is actually going on (within and without) - rather than follow an investment in without that blinds you to within and the ideas that run un-challenged there.

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