Thursday, 17 March 2016

Firing a false Imagination

Imagination and the fire” by Jon Rappoport
(An imaginative piece on Imagination and Reality)

    Hi Jon. You are articulating a story in which you call to wake up storytelling to those lost in their own story. As if the story we are telling – and believing to be our reality – is being Done Unto Us – rather than our own choice to experience in fragmented and conflicted purpose.
    Within the identi-fiction of such experience we cannot recognize our own choice – like not seeing a light switch after having turned it off.

    We are each and collectively choosing to turn off or deny the light and hide in darkness of a false light because it serves the purpose we accepted as our protection, safety and self and we will do so until we connect the idea of self-assertive power with its result: darkness. And so in darkness we called on the very illusion of power (for by it is true power lost to our awareness and choosing), to save and protect us from a sense of threat, of loss, of evil, and terror – as well as the threat within us of rage that we also fear to be evil, harmful destructive.

    From an act of misidentification and miscreational confusion, we put the brakes on – attempted to shut down power to a trickle – with a divide and rule power that denies movement of free willingness and deadens into densities of fixed and rigidly conformed meanings.

    But we did so from a set of unfolding definitions, beliefs and desires – for such are the tools with which to open the experience of desire – including the wish of running away and hiding from an experience we were unable and unwilling to face.

    Planet Earth could be seen as a quarantined asylum of straitjacketed ’emperors’ who are all intent on maintaining their fig-leaf thinking so as not to be EXPOSED to….a Truly Living Relationship that is undefiled and beyond the reach of mis-creational distortions – for in any attempt or tempt to possess and control, is the madman found in his struggle within limitation in place of abiding within the beloved.

    A fig-leaf mentality is a VR reversal reality machine in which that which would simply restore natural focus is killed in protection of a false sense of power.

    Like a monkey holding a fruit in the gourd-monkey trap – who cant withdraw his hand with the fruit and wont let go of what it thinks it wants or needs. So it is with humanity that wont let go of the will to power, the identity in struggle, the wounds and scars of justification for vengeance, the sense of self in righteousness that is gotten from ‘fighting evil’. All these things are the ways to choose to stay in an ever tightening struggle with our unrecognized Self as a result of creating on the basis of a split mind.

    Attempting to call in the Divine under any facet of the Infinite Expression of Life – to fight on one’s own side – is to substitute a communication channel for a weapon that then turns against the wielder. It is to try to pour Living Wine into old paradigm. The sense of an axe to grind is a psychic smell that even young children can discern.

    However there is nothing wrong with honestly uncovering and moving and owning the terror or rage that a false rationality has locked down deep as if to hide – and in the process lost connection with Life itself. But the rage needs to be disconnected from the trigger finger and the terror needs to connected to the power to move – or else the recycling robot trolls on, oblivious to the Presence of Life that is Everywhere – but seemingly nowhere welcome because it brings vengeance from the past to set the future as it answer – and the presence is sacrificed to a fleeting instant by which to ‘get there’.

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