Sunday, 13 March 2016

Nina Simone

The Nina Simone Biopic That Has Infuriated Her Family and Fans
(An Intercept article on a documentary and a controversial biopic of Nina Simone)

I watched the documentary and resonated profoundly to her raw human feeling - so rarely ALLOWED to be embodied within a control mentality that fears and hates the true Feminine. And seeing her willingness to BE IT and give it voice as a black woman in a culture where being beaten, vilified and excluded because she is a woman, black, and because she defied the dominant cultures of denial and dared to Be Herself.
So my sense of her includes and champions black identity assertions of humanity in truly Felt terms - but also transcends identity in true Feeling.
I capitalize the term Feeling here because the mental substitutions and distortions are part of a fake world in which concept denies feeling.

When I read this article my feeling was that the power that runs the fake world were doing a hatchet job - indeed a whitewash - to replace a cultural phenomenon with sentimental entertainment. I might be wrong as I haven't seen it - and I may choose not to see it - as I don't care for  Hollywood's remaking of history in  its own image.

I don't care for taking offence to become a political weapon - I have no right not to be offended. But I have a voice. I care that real feeling can be expressed and voiced and that is part of the wholeness of communication - and is now part of this films commentary and context.

This is my witness - no one else's. I didn't really have words to say what I felt but I didn't feel to not say it.

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