Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Media linkage on zika study leads to mind paralysis!

Study links Zika virus to temporary paralysis

 Learn to 'read' inserted PR like this and you learn to embrace freedom. Who controls the media (mind) is said to control the world, but who opens the discernment to 'read' it is the true inheritor of the world - and perhaps the un-intended benefactor of a deceitful intent - for by exposure are deceits undone from posing as true. This prepares the way for clear recognition, appreciation and gratitude for true presence.

Freedom to focus attention where we choose to give and accept value and not where fear and guilting manipulations direct it. Fear-scripts may engage and entertain with a dramatic sense of OMG! - but actually entrain the mind in conditioned reaction to stimulus. Humanity does have choice - but unless its lives and grows that capacity it sleeps in conditioned psuedo-choices - all of which serve to deny and hide true choice in exchange for provided and managed identity. Because it is a fearful initiation to step out from hiding fear, to now stand in our own willingness for truth. And such a 'coming out'  seems like a sacrifice of self to the mind that hides in asserting a masked identity against anything that calls the basis of its identity into question.

And watch out for so called 'harmless' bio-cides - and other assaults on our biology, for they are also keeping us 'protected and safe' (sick and dumb) - but only through our willing acceptance and compliance of that which does not truly belong.

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