Wednesday, 2 March 2016

An interuption in the MeSMeric Signal

Trump: why the elite media were completely wrong about his chancesby Jon Rappoport

My Comment:

There is a kind of doublethink that is indeed disconnected - and it is pervasive. It seems to come from the puppeteers behind the scenes - but parasites will alert you to where your vigilance was lacking - IF - instead of being baited into guilt, hate and vengeance, you reclaim a truly active willingness of connection or communication in which there is no invitation or appeal for a external 'power' or 'protection' to impose judgement. But an undefended willingness to Feel Truth and live it. The image of God was hacked from the start - but beyond such limiting self-definition, is the Movement of Our Being - undefiled. So while the 'personae' enact and play out endless separation trauma - there is another way to read it - from a place within you that is prior to the masked mind.

But when anything happens that is clearly not within or seemingly controlled by the official narrative, it does indeed allow a perspective upon that device. The MSM or MeSMeric signal, is interrupted and yes, a glimpse opens. What we then choose to use the opening for is everything - as our choice is always the determiner of everything we then interpret and perceive as a result.

The struggle of power in the world is the dramatis personae of the scripted ego. But the standing in and witnessing of the power of awareness, recognition, communication and trust is of a different foundation - though it MUST seem to be a power play to anyone who is invested in the power play as their identity in win and lose.

My sense is that there is a profound arrogance and ignorance operating in a sense of power on Earth now that does not care too much about a few leaks or upsets here or there because they believe they have it in the bag and there is no resource or recourse by which anyone can move against them - but will be turned and used - or neutered  - or fed with support to make headstrong and shift from a heart focusing intent to a mind protecting part of the establishment.

The idea that the world is a reflective feedback to the inner focusing has been lost to the identifiction within our own reflection. Unless we recognize the symptoms as a Messenger, we tend to kill them to protect a temporary tenancy. Yet symptoms have something true to reveal from within our own resonances and reactions. We have simply forgot how to Read Creation in the a tempt to assert and maintain our own private version. In fact we don't even see creation - but dead stuff and others who signify a death of loving relationship - and blind hate feels validated and justified in asserting itself upon the Living.

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