Friday, 4 March 2016

EU or the real You?

Iain Duncan Smith accuses pro-EU Tories of 'smears and threats'
Work and pensions secretary says ‘desperate and unsubstantiated’ claims damage integrity of those campaigning to stay in

Part of the problem is the loss of genuine communication of ideas and feelings, for attempts to simply coerce, trick and 'win' a narrative 'victory' by deceit.

One of the things I appreciate about Corbyn - is that - regardless of whether I agree with his conclusions - he is honourable in his methods - and does not resort to the dark arts of deceit.

The loss of honour is justified by those who define what they don't want in terms of a narrative evil. In such context communication is BLOCKED and ANY means becomes justified in the 'war against .

This seems to 'work' as a way of undermining and silencing what the 'war' defines as 'oppositional' threat but which deprives everyone of their true voice by asserting a directed narrative to which one must conform. (conformist collectivism). All apparent 'sides' of such 'war' operate the same principle of competing power rather than of a desire to understand and integrate. It is a loveless and robotic 'survival' mechanism that is denying a true basis for Life on Earth to flourish and thrive.

The choice for collectivism - under ANY masking of good intentions - is a forfeit of choice - of sovereignty of human willingness - to a loveless dictate of conformity - overlaid with distractive deceits. The legally defined Corporate - and indeed corporate financial 'trading' entity has a fundamentally lawless disregard for Humanity and for Life on Earth and uses symbols and imagery of serving the same in pursuit of profit - and survival as an entity that claims rights where they block transparency and accountability - while redefining the law (revolving door/captured regulators - > TTIP etc) so as to effectively transfer any residual power of sovereign will to a collectivist State that has at best only a facade of electoral accountability and a rigged justice system.

Relationships are not JUST about what we can GET from each other or what we fear we will LOSE to others. Relationships are Communication or else they are some conditioned reaction of mutual transactional avoidance of communication. Manipulators know this well and take advantage of latent conditioned imprints to trigger reactivity that effectively denies the possibility of discerning what i fact is really going on.

The EU is not about money and 'trade' it is about Control. If you believe human beings are essentially unworthy and uneducatable then vote for the collectivist mode of imposing Control. We do hold this belief much more than we may like to think because we are so heavily invested in this attempt to Control rather than communicate - and we are loath to abandon our investment. But pouring good currency of allegiance into a bad idea has to come to a brink where the experiential recognition of wrongness breaks the pattern of conformity and support - and genuinely seek the true of what is going on and not merely seek other way to protect a bad investment. That way lies and slavery.

Creativity is inversely related to what I am using the word Control for. Of course there is a natural quality of control WITHIN the movement of desire and fulfilment in relationship - but the suppression and denial of creative freedom in Living our Humanity is not gaining 'power' it is negating our true consciousness of Life to conforming to an idea of power that is dead - and no matter how artfully or intensely the presentation of life is asserted - there is no real willingness for relationship, communication or caring - no kindness or compassion.

Of course I appeal to your core Humanity in this moment - but you have to make your choice for your reasons - and I will communicate towards making this choice a consciousness issue rather than a manipulation of conditioned reaction whereby you 'know not what your do'.

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You yearn for the comfort of ideological identity but life is not really so simple a narrative. Embracing Life is embracing humanity - and there's the rub is it not?

Good intentions pave the way to hell because they offer a way to seem righteous or kind while retaining a private loveless - indeed hateful - intent. I don't address you personally in this but all of us. Fear of emotional reality makes us fodder for manipulative purveyors of directed narrative.

Whoever you are and whatever your views, if you have a willingness to speak from the heart and also listen there, then there is the basis of something much more powerful than an 'alliance around private gain' - but not a power that protects us from our true feelings - by patronizing rationalisations or suppressive denial.

I don't care whether you are a union man, on the dole or a CEO - I care that you recognize and lean into your humanity in willingness to move out of - or correct for a dis-integrity - without piling on more blame and shame.

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Make your case - don't focus about what others seem to be doing.
Yes there is insanity beneath the 'normal' of social and political thought (and resultant behaviour), but if integrity means anything - it is a core sanity of being that can be uncovered, recognized, witnessed and embodied as a felt presence rather than a presentational artifice. I don't expect anyone else to be perfect but if I look FROM a willingness in myself I can discern and recognize that quality in another. If I focus on the mask in others it strengthens the same in myself - so I don't mean to be patronising here - but your clear willingness for a better world deserves joining with - and this is what came up in me to share with you.

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