Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Rabid Press v Reasoned Debate

Piers Corbyn: the other rebel in the family

"Like his brother, physicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn is a man of revolutionary zeal. His own battle, however, is against all this ‘climate-change nonsense’…"

I wonder how many are seeing that sober willingness to communicate contrasts with rabid hating that scarcely draws on anything except assertions - mostly of smear and ridicule - and 'questioning' ONLY for the purpose of seeking an opportunity to invalidate or 'listening' ONLY seeking ammunition by using anything said against him.

One does not need a scientific study here to see that a lack of substance has to seem to be real by contrast to a seeming power to defeat or invalidate any other voice.

Whilst I see that Piers earns money from selling his weather services to those who value them, and does independent scientific research, I also see that he is not a corporate puppet serving up hate. One may wonder what is SO hateful or fearful in a human being who is acting in their integrity. Perhaps it is simply because doing so contrasts the LACK of integrity in the attempt to script reality and scam the population into a state of powerlessness.

The need I see is not carbon austerity (but yes to an overall policy of holding to account for toxicity of pollution and bio-destruction of all kinds - particularly bu international cartels). The need I see is for discernment of what is actually being enacted by the FORM of communication or the FORMS of scientific credibility in the manner of trojan horse or toxic payload. Because honest people do not need to resort to dirty tricks and dark arts of deceit to further an agenda that is part of a re integrative or healing intent. the science is NOT settled and the attempt to coerce the narrative in any direction is NOT any kind of science but a common trick of corporate cartel interest.

While corporations are defined with human rights without human responsibilities, their legally defined mandate is to strip the Earth and deny or overturn any checks and limits to their power to do so. of course the Central Banking system could pull them in and limit their power - but then they haven't broken down the last vestiges of sovereign free will yet. Wherefore such deep and bitter hatred of Humanity? Of Life Itself? Are babies born hating or is it all a matter of being conditioned by trauma? We hate pain of loss of love and of conflicted self, and seek to dump it somewhere to feel less bad - and so are attracted to 'power' that promises to help us feel less terrified and more powerful. Hows it going?

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