Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Crisis of Misinformation

Crisis of Misinformation
(Commentary to the entanglements within mis-identity)

There are facets to governance that are serving to hold the balance points - and there are usurpations or corruptions of governance that operate to distort and coerce outcomes - so as to perpetuate an 'out of balance' as if it were order - ie: power elitism.
Just using the term government may fog the issue. The legitimate process of serving the reintegration of a true balance is not one of stripping away all remaining checks to rapacious plunder...
People can and do elect to operate collectively as well as individually - whether that be in corporate cartels or trade unions and social movements of any kind. Of course the collective soon becomes prey to 'leaders', subversions, infiltrations, dilutions and corruptions, but that is not to deny that there WAS a collective alignment or movement for change.
Individualism is generally an elitist aspiration - because only those with some sense of power in their lives or indeed power in Life - will stand outside the inherited or dictated narratives of power.
Conditioning has more than a surface mentality - such as the misinformation and propaganda reflect, it has deep subconscious and unconscious core that all propaganda seeks to trigger and hook into.
The mind - as it is generally equated with the thinking of the persona - is simply a personal propaganda in attempt to defend against core fears and negative beliefs.
The overwhelming flood of misinformation brings the sense of sickness and insanity of not being able to trust ANY thinking whatsoever. While this is a wretched emotional state - it is exactly the basis of awakening a deep desire for truth - for something - ANYTHING - True! The awakening FROM mentalism to a heartfelt Life-Connected integrity of relationship and communication is the key shift from which all else will in time follow - because once one is sickened by lies and moves from investing in them - one is back in the realm of a receptivity to Life - as it is Moving - and not entirely entangled within narratives of self-serving-vanity.
Clinging to the investment in propaganda may take to side of being against what seems a dangerous and even evil 'individualism' - or against a dangerous and evil collectivism - but the truth that I feel to share here - is that we are given a will - a receptivity and expressive manifestation of what is received - in order to feel the situation for ourselves and discern how define ourselves in relation to it according to our true desire.
This is very different from asserting power over others - often by undermining it in others and inducing them to give it away to a predetermined agenda. There is no relationship of communication in that case - only deceit and coercion - in which a captive conformity is presented.
True individualism is based in an indivisibility that one has to extend, in order to receive - and recognize. Accepting placeholders as substitutes for the real thing is the pattern of using the FORM of Life as a way of denying (and gaining power over) Life. Readers here are likely aware of this as financial scams but perhaps less so in terms of the currency of ideas - as if ideas were separate conceptual things rather than inter and intra relational and vibrational communication.
Reading the movement or energy of the moment at hand has largely been subordinated to command and control (fear and power agenda). It is that which operates the negative version of the 'invisible hand'. Not the energetic movement Itself. The ideas through which we identify and relate are determining the perception-experience we then appreciate - or suffer.


As time goes on. The deception will increase. Alt-news is now speculating and discussing the use of green screens on the MSM channels and how this will effect perception of events. Just watch a 'good' sci-fi movie and amaze at how real it appears, and knowing all the time its not real. As time goes on. The deception will increase, and the truth will be very hard to discern!!!

To Praetor:
All the more inducement to develop discernment in place of giving trust to ANY forms. For any form of idea or appearance can be used as a trojan through which to hide agenda that belies the presentation. We do this first to deceive ourself - and use others as the power of agreement whereby to 'make real' such pretences. Whether those 'others' be considered power conferring masters, power joining allies, or our vanquished powerless underlings.
Exactly what Is 'reality' is a profound question - because everything else - bar nothing - proceeds FROM that. The attempt to determine of conform reality to self-concept is a profound and fragmenting confusion.

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