Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Immune system, and the assumption of cancer

"But once again, cancer can evade them immune system without there being any deficiency in the immune system".

This belief that a healthy immune system is omnipotent against cancer and thus cancer can only be caused by an unhealthy immune system being just another example of a completely unchecked assumption made from nothing.

I responded to the above 'conversation' with the following perspective:

The mechanisms by which cancers seem to arise are many but have common elements. A fully and correctly  functioning immune system along with healthy nutritionally and mineral rich cell function is not something conducive to the development of cancer in the body.

Perhaps there are exceptions where cancers occur regardless of such conditions of balanced health - but such exceptions would prove the generality of the rule.

Cancer masks itself from the immune response and many modes of treatment work to unmask it while targeting the de-cloaked cellular anomaly to the function of immune response in destroying and expelling what is then recognized as not belonging or not self.

The assumption that cancer cells are some kind of independent power that has gone rogue or mutated to become a rogue element - is an exact reflection of the consciousness that makes such assumption. There ARE imprints of conditioning by which such narrative SEEMS unquestionable and unchallengeable. But the point of transformation is not battling with symptoms - but of uncovering the assumptive causes. If these are recognized and felt and known to be an 'unchecked assumption made from nothing' then the assumption is thereby NOTHINGED and something ELSE will take its place that is more aligned with who you truly feel and know - and are willing to accept and BELIEVE yourself to be.
If you're conditioning does not allow you to believe you are Life - then you accept the assumptive suggestions that you are something ELSE. Well - what is other than Life but death? Regardless how it presents itself to induce you to give Your Life to it!

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