Sunday, 27 December 2015

Political Ignorance and apathy

Why John Oliver Can’t Find Americans Who Know Edward Snowden’s Name (It’s Not About Snowden)

(I actually commented this into Media Lens Forum)

This mirrors the configuration of 'consciousness' in which as much as possible is given to subconscious routines and made unconscious.
This is because conscious responsibility is equated with or uncovering of negative outcomes.
The desire to 'split off from' or escape responsibility rises out of guilt, powerlessness, terror, rage and shame.
To put the conditioning into reverse; it is easy to see that where such latent conditionings can be triggered, there is a very strong and predictable desire to seek protection from such fears.
Identity politics is the assertive defence of a sense of identification against anything that would expose or uncover a feared and believed truth in which one loses whatever power one fears to have. Emotional investment follows accepted self-definition and core beliefs.
The stirring of willingness - indeed love - of truth, cannot set terms in advance as to what that is.
But it can recognize and release its own filtering distortions enough to open a greater receptivity to a clearer perspective of resonance and relevance to the active desire.

Perhaps most Americans don't give any care (for anything outside their immediate sphere of control) simply because they believe themselves to be powerless and grab at anything they can use to either distract or insulate themselves from stuck rage, deeper fears and a sense of powerlessness. Perhaps while such investments are identified with and protected, no other choices or perspectives can be discovered or opened. A god of judgement is a jealous god - and that imprint is much deeper than any surface personality traits - no matter how rationalized away of covered over with justifications.

Education is the natural result of conditions in which learning is supported, but the imposition and corruption of a fear and guilt agenda 'learns' to deny the true spirit of curiosity and discovery in favour of the mask of conformity within a tyranny that uses division and conflicted identity to rule from the shadows.

However, the recognition that fear and guilt demand sacrifice of truth, and thus of true joy in living, is the basis from which to challenge the narrative and allow a true willingness for learning that is transformational - for we are changed - and our perception and experience of ourselves, each other and our world is changed, thereby. This is that last thing that a control-mentality will allow. But the desperation of a clinging to the attempt to coerce and manipulate becomes a lesson from which all who are willing, will learn of their own liabilities - if they desist the temptation to project their own guilt and fear away onto others and world in search of validation and righteousness.

Mis-takes call for correction; for a fresh take. Guilt calls for blame and punishment. Here are two teachers with opposing curricula. One cannot serve two masters. This is the choice upon which all else proceeds.

True governance has been subverted, corrupted and usurped. This is a call for good housekeeping to re-establish a true sovereignty of Will, which has been falsely associated with opposition and blame-shamed into subjection by a false will. By a false currency of thinking and a loveless use of the mind that reflects as a denied will and body. Such  our world is picturing writ large.

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